7 Warning Signs It's Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner.

August 17th, 2017
7 Warning Signs Its Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

With Melbourne’s harsh climate it’s hard to get through Summers and Winters without a proper cooling or heating system. Everyone at home or office gets affected when the air-conditioner is faulty.

While it’s easy enough to get a broken unit repaired, there’s a difference between simple fixes and irreversible problems. Sometimes getting your air-conditioner routinely maintained and serviced isn’t enough.

There are a few ways you can tell that an air-conditioner is on its last legs. If any of these symptoms are frequently appearing it may be time to say goodbye to your air-conditioner:

1. Natural Old Age

Natural Old Age

Do you know how old your air conditioning system is? Most air-conditioners are designed to last up to 10 years before any major repairs or replacements. When a unit is over 10 years old, it’s harder to find spare parts. There will also be newer, more efficient and cost-effective air conditioners compared to your current one. If your machine is reaching its full decade of service, it might be time to start considering opting for a new one.

2. Increased Energy Bill Surprise

If you noticed the bill was a little steeper this time around your cooling or heating unit might be the one to blame. An air-conditioning system that needs to be replaced will be overcompensating and overwork for its faulty internal parts.

3. Loud And Rowdy

Most modern air-conditioners operate silently. If you notice your machine making unnecessary loud noises such as rattling, ticking or buzzing it might be time to replace it rather than getting it restored. Noisy air conditioners often mean there are severe problems in the operating mechanics, which aren’t always easy to fix.

4. Strange Lingering Odours

It’s easily noticeable when a foul smell is coming from your air conditioning unit. If you catch the scent change quick enough, a simple internal repair will be able to do the trick. But if the odour is persistent no matter how many times you get the ductwork cleaned or internals checked then it’s time to look into getting a new air-conditioner.

5. Unexpected Leaking And Moisture

Unexpected Leaking And Moisture

An efficient cooling and heating system is supposed to stay dry, whether or not it’s in use. If you’re noticing water build up around the base of your machine or it has an active leak it needs to be looked at by a professional right away. Depending on the diagnosis you may be better off getting a new unit rather than having your broken system fixed.

6. Inconsistent Cooling And Heating

Proper airflow is supposed to keep your place at your set temperature consistently. But a faulty unit won’t be able to distribute hot or cool air efficiently. An air-conditioner that isn’t able to maintain comfort in your home needs to be checked quickly. Your unit may have severe internal problems and needs to be replaced rather than fixed.

7. Always Turning It Off And On Again

Does it feel like your air-conditioner has a mind of its own? Whether it’s shutting off by itself outside of its routine cycle, unable to set the right temperature or having trouble getting started, it’s a sign of extreme malfunction. Getting it checked by a professional as soon as possible may be enough to save it, but if left too late or the problem is too severe you will have to get your broken unit replaced.

Do you recognise any of these signs with your current air-conditioner? Get in touch with one of our professionals so we can get your unit fixed or replaced. Our friendly staff at Australian Climate Systems will help you stay comfortable this Summer or Winter with our cooling and heating system services.

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