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Australian Climate Systems can provide you with a gas ducted heating system which will allow you to run refrigerated air-conditioning via the same ducting and outlets as your home heating system.

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Add-On refrigerated cooling is designed to attach to a new or existing natural gas ducted heating system giving year round comfort throughout your home. It is a fully integrated, refrigerated central air conditioning system that provides cooled, filtered and dehumidified air through the same ductwork and grilles as your gas ducted heating system.

The Add-On cooling  for gas ducted heating can be installed at the same time or at a later date provided that it has been allowed for during the heating installation. Add-on cooling uses air formed inside the house which is drawn and filtered through a return air grille. The air then passes through an indoor cooling coil where the heat in the air and is transferred to the refrigerant which then passes through the ductwork and into the rooms via the ceiling or floor vents.

When you choose the comfort of an Actron add-on air conditioning system, you have peace of mind that the reliability & performance will keep you cool all summer.
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Brivis DualComfort TM allows you to create the perfect feeling throughout yours home. DualComfort TM provides both refreshing, refrigerated cooling and comfy gas ducted heating.

Braemar system are specially designed to use the same ductwork and grilles as gas ducted heating systems, making installation & operation so much easier.

When you couple a Bonaire inverter ducted refrigerative unit with gas ducted heating you get a heating & cooling system that can handle anything

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