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COOLING AND HEATING IN WANTIRNAA home or office is not complete without a proper cooling or heating system. Whether you’re after a new space heater for your home, trying to install a ducted heater for a new building or repairing your current climate system, we’ll be able to assist you.

At Australian Climate Systems, we care about our customers. Each climate solution is tailor made to suit your individual needs. You home, or business space is measured, so you get the correct air-conditioning.

Australian Climate Systems has been working with Melbourne suburbs like Wantirna for over 20 years. Our locally owned business is made up of professional climate system experts trained to fix and install all our air-conditioners. We have a 6 Year Workmanship Guarantee with each service. And in accordance to Part 12A of the 1993 Building Act, you will also be given a Certificate of Compliance.

Choose From Our Vast Range Of Climate Systems

Cooling Systems

Is your home or office missing a cooling system? Don’t go through another summer unprepared. Get yourself a reliable air-conditioner from Australian Climate Systems. We’ll fit your home or business with a robust cooling system that suits your space and budget. We have a wide range of evaporative and refrigerated central cooling systems, hi-wall and multi split units as well as add-on cooling.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evaporative systems are a versatile cooling solution. With ducted evap cooling, you’re able to stay cool with an eco and allergy-friendly machine. An evap cooling system works by cycling out old, stale air and replacing it with clean, fresh air. This means unwanted and harmful dust particles are filtered out. So those who suffer from airborne allergies like asthma and hay fever will benefit from an evaporative cooling system.

Hi-Wall Split Systems

A hi-wall split system is a popular way to keep cool this Summer. Hi-wall split systems have been a staple in households due to its easy controls and modern look. Monitor the temperature of your room with a reliable hi-wall split system. While it’s indoor unit keeps you cool, an external machine does all the hard work.

Multi Split System

When you install a multi split system, you’ll get a powerful cooling solution for your home or workspace. One external unit can provide cooling for up to 5 different machines. No one in your house or office will miss out on quality air conditioning with a multi split system.

Ducted Refrigerated Systems

After complete temperature control of your living or work space? Ducted cooling allows you to set the temperature for the whole building. But it doesn’t mean you can only assign a single setting. A ducted refrigerated system also has zoning. Zoning allows you to give the whole building different temperatures so everyone’s accommodated for at home or in the office.

Add-on Cooling

Want year round comfort? Why not add a cooling system to your existing gas ducted heater? An add-on cooling system uses the current ducts installed in your home or office. This means you’re able to get refrigerated cooling during Summer and stay cosy during Winter.

Heating Systems

At Australian Climate Solutions, we specialise in both indoor and outdoor heating. We understand that Melbourne Winters are harsh and it’s essential to have a working heater that suits your home and lifestyle. You can choose from gas ducted central heating, gas log fires, gas space heaters, hydronic heaters, electric panels and heat strips for outdoor heating.

Gas Ducted Central Heating Services

Ducted central heating is an ideal service for homes and businesses. Instead of having separate units for each room in the household or workspace, a central heater using ducts to warm up the whole building. Gas ducted heating gives you total control of the building’s temperature. Ducted heaters also feature zoning where you can set various temperatures throughout your home or office for different levels of comfort.

Gas Log Fire

Gas log fires combine style and functionality as a chic heating solution for you home. A gas log fire can be customised to suit the interior design of your room or office. The heaters are either inbuilt or standalone units. Enjoy the cosy feel of a fireplace without the hassle by installing a gas log fire for your home or workspace.

Gas Space Heating

A gas space heater is a great way to cosy up this Winter. Gas space heaters are portable units that come in different sizes, so they fit in any room. Gas powered heaters are a cheap alternative to electric heaters. Save money while you stay warm this winter with a gas space heater.

Hydronic Heating

For a modern heating solution get your home or office fitted with a hydronic system. Boiling water powers the eco-friendly heating solution. Therefore the hydronic system has minimum emissions. Because hydronic heaters don’t rely on air circulation, it also maintains a healthy environment for sufferers of asthma and hayfever.

Outdoor Heating

Get outdoor heating for your home or business. Our heat strips are ceiling attachment that suits a variety of outdoor areas. Enjoy the warmth of our heat strips for your patio or balcony. For business, you can warm up patrons for your sidewalk cafe, alfresco dining or a smoking area.

Electric Panel Heating

An electric panel heater is a compact way to stay warm this Winter. The slim build of a electric panel suits spaces that don’t have a lot of room. This non-intrusive heating solution is lightweight, low maintenance and cost-effective. Save money while you cosy up this Winter with an electric panel heater.

Try Our Climate Systems For Your Home Or Office

Fit your home or business with the correct cooling or heating system. The Australian Climate System experts will set your home or office with the perfect climate system.

We are open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. For all enquiries about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on (03) 9726 4444. Or email us at sales@austclimate.com.au .

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