Australian Climate Systems has specialised in the installation and maintenance of split systems in Melbourne since we first opened our doors. Our extensive experience in all things relating to hi-wall split systems, as well as having worked with all of the leading brands, allows us to tailor every product that we sell to the very needs of our customers. No matter what type or brand of unit that you buy from us, you can be assured it will be perfect for you and your home.

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The biggest range of Hi-Wall split systems in Melbourne, from the most household names

We’ve made sure that the catalogue of split systems in Melbourne that we can offer you represents only the very best that you can find in the HVAC industry. Our range features hi-wall split systems from the biggest brands in the business, and we’ve also got a brilliant collection of accessories and controllers to match. Each and every one is guaranteed to last, help you cut down on running costs, and provide you with only the highest quality of air available.







ActronAir split systems

ActronAir specialises in efficiency and good looks, with their products being one of the most popular to buy in the country. ActronAir’s reverse cycle motor also allows you to enjoy comfort all year round.

Daikin split systems

Daikin has been leading the way in style and comfort for many years now. Their discreet wall-mounted units are capable of churning out incredible power and quality air under all conditions.

Panasonic split systems

The Panasonic approach guarantees nothing less than great savings on running costs and exceptional performance. The company offers an incredible range of efficient hi-wall and mounted units.

We can deliver you the perfect product for your needs

Did you know that there are a multitude of factors involved in picking the right unit, right down to the size of your home? Don’t worry if you know them all, as our staff do, and will be more than happy to help you get a split system that will perfectly suit you and your home. We’ll consider each and every factor about the make up of your property, as well as its intended usage, and make sure you’re only picking up a unit that is tailored for you.

Split system installation in Melbourne

We specialise in reliable and hassle-free hi-wall split system installation Melbourne wide, and can have your new unit up and running in no time at all. Our qualified and certified split system installers can not only have the unit going on the first time of asking, but will also be able to fit it so that you get the full benefits of owning such a unit. Our split system installation quotes are kept as affordable as possible, too, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Ongoing split system maintenance in Melbourne

Our total service doesn’t stop at either the point of sale or when the installation is complete, we can also provide quality split system maintenance, wherever you are in Melbourne. Our split system maintenance is designed to make sure it is always running as efficiently as it possibly can, whilst also prolonging and in some cases extending its shelf life. We can provide split system maintenance to both new and old units.

Talk to the experts in split systems in Melbourne today

For everything to do with hi-wall split systems, whether it be for installation, maintenance, and repairs, get in touch with us today by calling (03) 9726 4444. We’ll be more than happy to field any general enquiries or questions that you may have regarding our services or the units themselves, and can also provide you with a great, on the spot quote. We service the entirety of Melbourne, and our commitment to great service cannot be beaten.

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