What Are the Benefits of Heating Maintenance Services?

May 04th, 2023
HVAC technician repairs a split system outdoor unit

Our heaters get a serious workout during the cooler months, and this doesn’t just mean winter. Many of us use our heaters on mild autumn and spring days, and if you have reverse cycle heating and cooling, you’re using your HVAC system all year round!

It’s fair to say that heating systems work as hard as the family car, but unlike our vehicles, our heaters don’t usually get a yearly service.

Here’s the good news. Most people don’t need to service their heater every year to keep it at its best, but you will need regular maintenance every couple of years.

And here’s the bad news. If you’re not servicing your heating system, you’re missing out on a whole range of benefits!

Do you have split systems or hydronic heating in Melbourne? Maybe you’re considering booking a ducted heating service.

Whatever system you have, we highly recommend maintenance every 2-3 years.

Read on to learn more about heating maintenance and all the advantages of regular servicing.

What Is Heating Maintenance?

Heating and cooling maintenance services are different to heating and cooling repairs.

Preventative maintenance services are completed every few years. They help to maintain peak performance and prevent the need for additional costly repairs.

Heating maintenance services differ depending on the type of system you own. Here are some common maintenance services:

    • Cleaning indoor and outdoor units
    • Cleaning and changing of air filters
    • Inspecting ductwork
    • Calibrating the thermostat
    • Checking, tightening, and lubricating various parts and connections
    • Checking for leakages, including carbon monoxide leaks
    • Testing gas pressure and electrical connections
    • Repairing or replacing damaged parts
    • Cleaning the flame sensor
    • Checking the igniter
    • Cleaning ducts, vents, return air grilles, and fans
    • Full system performance tests

    Why Is Heating Maintenance Important? 10 Benefits to Consider

    1. Let’s Get Comfy

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    Home heating is all about comfort, and the best way to stay comfortable is to service your heating system regularly. 

    Arranging routine maintenance services will ensure better performance and the fastest, quietest possible heating for your home. In other words, it means you can keep comfortable in the dead of winter without worrying about your heater letting you down.

    2. Go Green and Get Energy Efficient

    It’s no secret that heating and cooling systems aren’t the best for the environment. There are systems with low energy efficiency, systems that emit greenhouse emissions in the form of natural gas, and systems that rely heavily on Australia’s coal-powered electricity to operate.

    One way you can make your heater as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible is through maintenance services. Regular servicing maximises efficiency, ensuring your heater never uses more energy – or emits more carbon emissions – than it needs to.

    3. Money in Your Pocket

    Image of smartphone heating and cooling app and coins going into a piggy bank.

    You might think that regular heating and cooling services will cost you money in the long term, but the opposite is actually true.

    In the long run, heating maintenance will pay for itself.

    By regularly servicing your system, you keep your heating energy usage at its lowest, which will help to keep your energy bills at their lowest.

    In other words, heating maintenance = energy savings = cost savings!

    As well as lower energy costs, regular servicing will also lower your expenses because all the components of your heater are being kept in good working order. If you let that wear and tear build-up, your system will work harder to heat your home, resulting in higher running costs.

    But if you take care of wear and tear regularly, you reduce the cost of operation and put even more money in your pocket.

    4. Don’t Wear Those Repair Costs

    As well as reducing running costs, regular maintenance also prevents the need for unnecessary and expensive heating and cooling repairs.

    Whether it’s hydronic heating in Balwyn or Brivis gas heater services, you can avoid damaged parts by keeping your heater in tip-top condition.

    Sidestep expensive repair or replacement costs and forget the hassle of system malfunctions with regularly scheduled maintenance!

    5. Safety First at Home

    Overall, heating and cooling systems are overwhelmingly safe. However, where there is heat, there is always a risk of fire. And it’s not just fire that you have to worry about.

    Blockages in heating pipes, cracks in heat exchangers, and damaged refrigerant lines can all expose you to toxic and dangerous substances.

    In gas heaters, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is especially concerning as carbon monoxide gas is colourless and odourless, so it can be difficult to detect.

    Servicing your heater every 2-3 years can ensure any damage is detected and the risk is removed, restoring your safety!

    6. Breathe Easy

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    Most heating systems are forced air heaters, meaning they circulate air around the room to keep you warm. As well as heating the air, these systems also filter it for improved indoor air quality.

    The air filtration technology in your heater will differ from system to system. Many split systems are equipped with multiple air filters as well as advanced air purification systems. Some gas ducted heaters will use simple return air grille filters.

    Regardless of your heating system type, regular servicing can ensure these filters and purifiers are operating at their best and improving indoor air quality. From air purifier maintenance to cleaning or replacing air filters, every step will make a difference in maintaining clean air.

    If you are particularly sensitive to pollen, dust, pet dander, mould, or other contaminants, regular servicing from a professional heating technician may go a long way to relieving your symptoms.

    7. Enjoy Reliability

    If there’s one thing you want out of a heater, it’s a system that switches on every time and heats your home effectively.

    If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s a heater that fails to function or experiences a major, costly breakdown in the middle of winter.

    Nothing can guarantee that you won’t experience heater problems, but servicing your system every 2-3 years increases its reliability and reduces the chance of breakdown.

    8. Here’s to a Long Life Span!

    The number one way to save money on heating and cooling is by extending the life of your equipment.

    Buying and installing a new system can get expensive, and you don’t want to have to do it early because you let your heater fall into disrepair.

    Heating equipment that is serviced regularly can last 10-15 years, and even longer in many cases!

    So, service your heater now so you don’t have to replace it for many years to come.

    9. Maximise That Warranty

    If you have a warranty on your heater, it’s important to maintain the recommended servicing times so you don’t void the terms and conditions. A valid warranty can save you hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, so make sure you keep up your required servicing if your heater is under warranty.

    10. Maximise Price and Appeal

    Five stacks of increasingly high coins next to a model house: Growing the value of your home.

    When you’re selling your home, prospective buyers are going to test the heating and cooling systems. And if they don’t work properly or they’re excessively noisy, those buyers might walk away.

    On the other hand, a heater that works perfectly and has an impeccable service history might just help to close the sale.

    It’s the little things that count in a tough real estate market, so make sure you get your heater serviced regularly to help your home stand out!

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