Ducted Heating Replacements and Upgrades: Much More Than Great, Warm Air

February 16th, 2022
Ducted Heating Upgrades Much More Than Great Warm Air

Those who have upgraded to a new ducted heating system after running on an older one will be able to attest to the incredible benefits of making the change! From more powerful and consistent warm air to less noise and a smaller power bill, the advantages of investing in a new system are endless.

If you haven’t thought about your ducted heating system since you moved into your home or had the system installed, it might be time to consider replacing your gas ducted heater.

We’ll also provide a real-life case study illustrating the benefits of ducted heating changeovers and upgrades!

What Are Gas Ducted Heating Changeovers?

Gas heater changeovers are a great way to replace and upgrade your existing gas ducted heater. Whether your system has suddenly stopped working or it needs regular repairs, gas ducted heating changeovers could be perfect for you.

The biggest advantage of gas ducted heating changeovers is that they utilise your existing vents and ducts. All you need to do is replace the heater itself, which is usually a fast, straightforward, and affordable process.

If you have an existing gas ducted heater that’s underperforming, changeovers are the go-to solution for upgrading your ducted heating system.

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Ducted Heating Replacements vs Ducted Heating Repairs

If your gas ducted heating is playing up, it’s worth looking into ducted heater repairs. Repairing ducted gas heaters is a great way to troubleshoot common issues such as thermostat or controller issues, a lack of airflow, or a gas ducted heater that blows out cold air.

Regular ducted heating services are also recommended to ensure your system is safe and effective, even if you don’t have specific complaints. Maintenance services are recommended every two to three years and should be carried out before Melbourne’s cold winter weather sets in.

If your system is old or experiencing recurring breakdown and performance issues, ducted heating replacements are usually the way to go. Ducted heating changeovers and replacements will save you from pouring thousands of dollars into repairs when your system simply can’t be saved!

Gas Ducted Heaters – How Old Is Too Old?

Nothing lasts forever, which is why it’s so important to invest in gas ducted heater changeovers.

Gas ducted heaters can last for up to 20 years with regular servicing and maintenance. However, systems that are used heavily and under-serviced can have a much shorter lifespan, usually ranging from 10-15 years.

In some cases, older gas heaters may be in reasonable condition but still worth replacing. This is because older systems often have fewer features and lower energy efficiency ratings compared to their newer counterparts. Updating your old gas heating could result in lower energy bills and lowered emissions, making it a worthwhile change!

Other Signs You Should Invest in Ducted Heating Unit Replacement

As well as the age of your system, here are 5 tell-tale signs that you should invest in gas ducted heating replacements.

  1. The cost of regular repairs is adding up: If repairs are becoming more frequent and complicated, a new system is the way to go!

  2. You can feel the difference in your home heating: If the quality of your heating has noticeably reduced and repairs haven’t changed anything, consider system changeovers.

  3. You can’t explain higher gas bills: If your energy costs have started skyrocketing without extra usage, a sluggish system may be to blame.

  4. You want to invest in convenience: A ducted heating replacement means no worries. Regular maintenance should be your only concern for the first several years.

  5. Carbon monoxide concerns: If carbon monoxide leaks or spills have been detected in your gas ducted heater, replacing the system may be the best course of action. Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless – all gas appliances should be checked for CO leaks every 24 months. 

What Are the Advantages of Gas Ducted Heating Changeovers?

Replacing your old gas heater with a new model comes with a range of advantages, some of which you might not have even considered.

Here are the main reasons to consider replacing ducted gas heaters according to our Melbourne ducted heating experts:

  • Improved performance: Say goodbye to your old, faulty, and inconsistent system. With a gas heating changeover, you can enjoy improved thermal comfort and increased airflow throughout your home.
  • Less noise: Modern gas heaters are much quieter than their older counterparts. If your gas heater makes a racket every time you turn it on, a changeover could grant you the peace and quiet you crave.
  • Lower gas bills: Want to reduce the cost of heating? Skyrocketing gas bills will be a thing of the past with your new, energy-efficient system.
  • Reduced emissions: Modern gas heaters are also more environmentally friendly, allowing you to lower your carbon footprint.
  • A better connection: When your old gas heater is replaced, the connection can be modernised to create a more stable ducted gas heating system.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Old gas heaters are an eyesore that can bring down your exterior spaces. Replace yours with a modern unit for a sleeker, more visually appealing appearance.
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    What Is the Best Ducted Heating Brand for Changeovers?

    When it comes to replacing and updating your gas heater, our experts recommend Bonaire and Brivis as two of the leading options.

    The Bonaire Rhino and Brivis Buffalo ranges are two of the options we turn to most for replacing outdoor gas heaters. Both systems offer excellent reliability, high energy efficiency, easy installation, and great value.

    Ducted Gas Heater Replacement – Case Study

    The team at Australian Climate Systems specialises in gas heating changeovers. We focus on providing all of the benefits mentioned above and much more.

    Here’s an example of two changeover upgrades that we completed in Melbourne’s southeast. We were dealing with two older Brivis ducted systems that were running alongside the building in a similar way.

    These older units are quite clunky, cumbersome, and have some dangerous jagged edges. While they still do the job, they are not particularly pretty to look at, and they are noisier and less energy efficient to operate.

    Having an older ducted unit visible from the street can completely ruin the appeal of the property, and the units also pose a few concerns for the homeowners. On the other hand, the replacement units we installed are much cleaner. They pose less risk of any harm caused by accidentally bumping into it, and overall, they just look much more presentable.

    One of the units we installed is Brivis’ now well renowned 6-star ducted heating system. It is capable of incredibly high output levels while being less expensive to run than the old unit. This is due to how it uses the energy that it consumes, using an innovative heat exchange system that is capable of churning out a much more consistent temperature.

    Ducted heating

    The other unit we installed was the Brivis 5-star ducted heating unit. Whilst it is no match for its incredible 6-star relative, it is still capable of producing great quality air and was a great improvement on the old system.

    As you can see, the older unit was much larger, and the connection involved a dangling wire that could pose risks for those moving around the area.

    Our changeover represents a much tidier gas ducted heating set-up. The wire is now shorter, affixed to the wall, and the system is far less bulky than the original overall. On top of this, the jagged edges have been replaced with a much more seamless fixture. We also remodelled the gas link up to a more modern version, ensuring its longevity for the foreseeable future.

    Invest in an Upgraded Gas Heater with ACS

    Now that you know all about gas heater changeovers and upgrades, it’s time to decide if an update is right for you. If your system exhibits the warning signs described in this article and you want more effective heating, the team at Australian Climate Systems can assist you with upgrading to a quality heating solution.

    As well as changeovers, the ACS team specialises in everything from Bonaire heater repairs to Brivis gas heater maintenance services. We can upgrade your system and keep it working at its best for years to come, and we also offer add-on cooling for compatible systems. Feel free to enquire with our team and get a free quote if you think a ducted heating replacement and upgrade may be right for you.

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