The Best Heating and Cooling Systems for Melbourne's Climate

April 05th, 2023
Air conditioner technician checks the operation of an outdoor AC unit

So, you’re building a house, shopping for a new home, or looking to upgrade your home heating and cooling.

Maybe you’ve moved here from interstate or you’ve lived here for your whole life, and you’re wondering…

“What’s the best heating and cooling system for Melbourne’s climate?”  

Many factors determine the best heating and air conditioning system for YOU. In this article, we will break down the best heating and cooling options according to our Melbourne experts.

Following this, we’ll provide a few tips for narrowing down the best system specifically for your property.

Let’s get started.

Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling Is Number 1

Reverse cycle air conditioning duct

Let’s not mess around here.

In our professional opinion, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the best option on the market today and the number one solution in Melbourne.

These electrically powered HVAC units utilise heat pump technology to absorb heat from both indoor and outdoor environments. Reverse cycle air conditioners can be used for both heating and cooling and they can be installed as ducted systems for a whole-home solution.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning can also include zoning, meaning you can divide your property into separate sections for independent climate control in different areas of your home.

According to the Australian Government’s “Your Home” website, reverse cycle units are the most energy-efficient air conditioners and heaters available. In fact, even if a reverse cycle system has lower energy ratings, it often boasts lower running costs and fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the competition.

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Why we love reverse cycle air conditioning for Melbourne

    • Overcome Melbourne’s erratic weather with heating and cooling in one package
    • Highwall Split Systems Continue to Be a Popular Option

      Hand with a remote pointing at a highwall split system unit

      You don’t have to look far to find split systems in Melbourne and for a good reason.

      These units have earned a great reputation because they are compact, easy to install, and affordable to run. Simply select the best wall in any given room and connect the indoor unit on one side to the outdoor unit on the other side. Your split system will then provide climate control for that room but not the rest of the house. This is known as space heating and cooling.

      Split system air conditioners can be cooling-only, but they are increasingly being manufactured as reverse cycle split systems, meaning you can also use them as a heater and take advantage of most of the benefits mentioned in the section above.

      If you’re interested in split systems in Rowville, Templestowe, Box Hill or any nearby suburbs, Australian Climate Systems can help you select the best unit for your needs.

      Why we love split systems for Melbourne

        • A versatile option for the modern Melbourne lifestyle – add one to your bedroom, living room, home office, studio, home gym, and more!
        • Perfect for everything from units to townhouses to family homes
        • You can run multiple indoor split system units using just one outdoor unit through a set-up known as Multi-split system air conditioning. A great alternative to traditional central heating and cooling.

        Evaporative Cooling Is Well-Suited to Our Climate

        Split systems, reverse cycle air conditioners, and refrigerated air conditioners all use refrigerant gases as part of the process. The issue with refrigerant is that it is not environmentally friendly, and it can be dangerous in the rare case of a refrigerant leak. 

        Evaporative cooling takes a much more natural approach, using water and the process of evaporation to cool the home.

        If you choose evaporative cooling in Melbourne, your home will be cooled by drawing outdoor air over water-cooled pads. This causes the air to absorb water vapour, which cools it down. Evaporative systems are almost always ducted, meaning the natural cool breeze will spread throughout your entire home.

        When the evaporative cooler is in use, doors and windows are kept open so fresh cycles of air can constantly be bought into the house. This is in contrast to most air conditioners, where the same indoor air is constantly cooled and recirculated.

        Evaporative coolers are also much cheaper to run than most conventional ACs.

        The major drawback to ducted evaporative cooling is that it doesn’t work well in humid conditions. However, Melbourne’s dryer summers mean evaporative coolers can almost always work at their best. Evaporative systems are also cooling-only, meaning you will need to find another option for heating your home. 

        For all things evaporative cooling in Ringwood, Templestowe, and surrounding suburbs, turn to our expert HVAC installers and technicians.

        Why we love evaporative cooling for Melbourne

        • An ideal cooling solution for Melbourne’s hotter, dryer climate
        • A natural, eco-friendly solution, perfect for Melbourne’s future
        • Affordable running costs to help combat rising energy prices.

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        Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

        Compared to evaporative cooling, ducted refrigerated air conditioning is a more precise and powerful choice. Like reverse cycle systems, these cooling units use refrigerant gas to absorb heat from inside your home, expel it outdoors, and fill your home with thermostat-controlled cool air. When it comes to ducted air conditioning in Melbournerefrigerated systems are renowned for reaching lower temperatures and functioning well regardless of outdoor conditions.

        Refrigerated air conditioning is a cooling-only solution, so if you’re installing a new ducted system, you’re better off choosing a reverse cycle unit. These systems offer the same cooling performance while also offering effective, affordable heating. 

        Talk to our team about the best solution for you, from refrigerated air conditioning in Ringwood to reverse cycle air conditioning in Dandenong.

        Why we love refrigerated air conditioning for Melbourne

        • Effective cooling, even on Melbourne’s more humid days
        • Doors and windows remain closed in use – perfect for Melbourne’s many seasonal allergy sufferers!
        • Precise, whole-home temperature control thanks to a ducted system with a smart thermostat.

        Ducted Gas Heating

        Ducted heating vent on a wall

        If it’s just a heating system you’re after, gas ducted heating remains a popular option in Melbourne

        Many people think the warmth of gas units is cosier and more natural-feeling, while others have gone with gas because it’s traditionally been more affordable and eco-friendly compared to Australia’s coal-powered electricity supply.

        However, the tide is turning in the gas vs electricity debate. As stated, heat pump technology has elevated reverse cycle systems into the number one spot for running costs and eco-friendly operation. As well as this, the continuing move towards renewables and adoption of solar power will make electricity more environmentally friendly overall.

        All-electric homes also continue to gain momentum, with induction cooktops and electric climate control becoming more appealing than gas stoves and gas heating.

        So, if you installed ducted heating in Templestowe 30 years ago it would no doubt have served you well. If you install it today, it will still provide premium central heating, but you risk installing a system that will become less common as the years go on.

        However, we still love gas ducted heating for plenty of reasons.

        Why we love gas ducted heating for Melbourne

        • Gas heating still offers that “comfy” warmth, perfect for Melbourne’s biting winters
        • You can install add-on refrigerated cooling on compatible systems, getting heating and cooling from the same ducts
        • Ducted gas heating offers fast heating, even in large areas.

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        Why Does It All Matter?

        There is a wide range of heating and cooling systems available, and choosing the right one means more than just comfortable temperatures and energy efficiency.

        In the average Aussie home, 40% of the energy we use goes towards heating and cooling. Choosing the right HVAC unit in the right size and setting the optimal temperature on the thermostat will directly and noticeably benefit your household budget.

        If you choose a portable electric heater or a gas space heater as your heating solution, you might feel the sting of higher energy bills. But choose a heat pump system and you will enjoy not only efficient heating but also quality air conditioning, all with lower energy costs.

        With that in mind, we recommend:

        • Ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling with zoning if you need a central climate control solution that covers every room
        • Reverse cycle split systems if you need effective heating and cooling in one room or your property cannot accommodate ductwork.

        Our Experienced Team Can Help You

        Lower your energy consumption and say goodbye to energy-hungry portable heaters with Australian Climate Systems, the masters of heating and cooling in Melbourne.

        Our friendly team offers all the heating and air conditioning services you need, and we can match you with the best ducted heaters and coolers or split systems for your property.

        You might even be interested in an option not mentioned above, like VRV/VRF systems or hydronic heaters in Melbourne.

        Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that our team will provide a quality installation, competitive pricing, and honest advice.

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