The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Service Provider for Split Systems Repair
July 10th, 2024
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Is your split system leaking, malfunctioning, or won’t turn on or off? It’s essential to invest in a service provider that understands how to maintain and prepare heating and cooling systems.

According to a report, sales for single-split systems are projected to increase at a 4% compound annual growth rate until 2036.

This article will explore different types of split systems, their components, and the importance of selecting a technician who does the job right!

Importance of Selecting an Experienced Technician

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Let’s look at some things you should consider before calling up a heating and cooling provider!

1. Make sure they are licensed

A split system keeps you warm during Melbourne winters and cool when there’s an unexpected hike in temperature, so you want to invest in a technician who knows what they’re doing.

The Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations Act 1995 (‘The Regulations’) details the licensing requirements for professionals who work in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Trustworthy HVAC experts will have employed staff with these licences.

Don’t ask your neighbour. They most likely don’t have the credentials! Only a licensed HVAC specialist can fix your system, so look for technicians with a proven track record in supplying and installing various split systems (like the Aust Climate team!). If you would like accurate information on licensing law, reach out to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water.

2. Search for transparent pricing

Is your split system refrigerant not working? When hoping to get anything repaired or maintained, you don’t want the price to be misleading before you commit to handing over money.

With the right heating and cooling provider, you can experience transparent, honest pricing straight off the bat, as well as comprehensive, written quotes before proceeding with the job. This way, you can trust your split system is receiving the best in professional care.

Additionally, if you’re tired of your old gas heating system, look into how to replace your gas heater with electric heating and cooling. It’s worth the time and investment.

3. Always check company reviews

Does your service provider of choice have an excellent operating history? Whenever your split system needs an urgent fix or regular maintenance, you don’t want to book the first heating and cooling specialist you find online.

Do some investigating! For example, the Aust Climate team of professionals has over 25 years of experience in the business, many 5-star reviews and testimonials, and a 6+ year workmanship guarantee.

Check ratings or reviews on their website or Google Reviews to ensure you get the highest service standard. If customers say that the service provider offers high-quality work and doesn’t hesitate to recommend them, this is a good way to know you’re paying for a trustworthy service. After all, you don’t want your split system to need additional repairs due to a faulty job.

4. They use quality suppliers

Reputable split system service providers that care about your home will always offer you the best split systems for optimal performance and energy efficiency. You don’t want to be directed towards an old, outdated model. Leading Australian supplies that they offer could be:

Daikin is a trusted brand that has innovated the heating and cooling industry since 1924. A split system air conditioning unit model–such as the Alira X–removes more than 90% of air pollutants, odours, viruses, mould, and allergens with its Steamer Technology.

Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi split systems in this range–such as the PEA-M-LAA Series–offer whole-home heating and cooling, can be installed in discrete locations, and are easy to transport to sites!Bonaire, such as the Series 3 Hi-Wall Split System, gives you and your daily superior comfort, an eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, a Gold Fin coating for corrosion resistance, and Wi-Fi control.

They are members of industry organisations

If you’re considering a split system repair and maintenance service, it’s a good idea to check if they are part of any organisations!

For example, AIRAH is the peak body that represents the HVAC industry in Australia, and it leads an industry that is safe, highly skilled, and sustainable for all homes and businesses across Australia. After all, you want your heating and cooling specialist to be connected to the industry for professional development and networking opportunities to advance their success.Need ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling or multi-head split systems for your property? Aust Climate supplies, installs, maintains, and repairs air conditioning for Bentleigh, Toorak, Caulfield, Mont Albert, and Bulleen homes across Melbourne.

Different Types of Split Systems

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If you need to replace your split system air conditioning, let’s explore some popular choices you could work with! Whether you’re transforming your office space or want all 4 of your bedrooms warm throughout the night, there’s an option for everyone.


Pea M160haa

The Mitsubishi Electric split system is a 2-piece construction ideal for existing homes, and some of its features include:

  • > Long pipe lengths. Mr Slim outdoor units come with power inverter technology, superior turndown capacity, and up to 75 m of piping length.
  • > A large, single-phase power supply is a new 16kW unit that can be connected to a single three-phase Mr Slim outdoor unit.
  • > The ducted fan coil separates the indoor unit heat exchange and the fan unit assembly.
  • > Improved ventilation and energy efficiency, which improves indoor air quality.
  • > WiFi control, connecting to your smartphone, tablet, or computer for total home comfort.

Optional zone controller–4 to 8 zones–letting you control different areas of the home as you see fit! It’s a great way to cut back on running costs during the colder months.

XL Series

Xl Series

Warming and cooling your home with a powerful airflow delivery, the XL Series from Daikin are large capacity models created for open-plan living. What are some of its features?

  • > 3D airflow. Using a combination of vertical and horizontal airflow, this swings to circulate air more effectively in larger rooms.
  • > Powerful operation. Pushing the POWERFUL button on the remote control gives you a boost in cooling or heating for a 20-minute period.
  • > Intelligent eye is an infrared human presence sensor that automatically saves energy when you leave the room for 20 minutes.
  • > Enzyme blue deodorising air purification filter traps microscopic particles, decomposing odours and removing bacteria.
  • > Comfortable mode. The flap changes its delivery angle to horizontal for cooling and vertical for heating operation, preventing air from blowing directly onto your body.

High Efficiency 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Split System

High Efficiency 7.1kw Reverse Cycle Split System

Ideal for large areas of your home and with built-in WiFi to help you control your system remotely, what are some of its features?

  • > View your real-time energy use with the push of a button! With this keeping you informed, you can stay on top of your energy bills and view your weekly or monthly energy usage.
  • > Smart Diagnosis gives you tips and information based on your product use patterns. It teaches you how to troubleshoot (showing symptoms and possible solutions) if you’re experiencing any issues.
  • > Precise temperature control when you need it. Maintain your desired temperature with less fluctuation than a non-inverter compressor.
  • > The smart inverter compressor is designed to handle high temperatures and gives you a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Multi-Split AC System

Multi Split Ac System

Designed with appearance in mind without compromising on heating and cooling quality, what are some of the features of the Bonaire Multi-Split AC System?

This system can function in up to five indoor heads, with the outdoor unit only needing a single connection. Easily control the temperature in each of your rooms at home, and you can experience a user-friendly design that is simple to program!

Running quietly in the background, you can continue your daily activities and sleep soundly without the loud buzzing noises. If you would like to learn more, take note of the signs that your heater needs immediate repair!

Air Conditioning Repair with Aust Climate Systems!

With over 25 years in the business of heating and cooling and a 6-year workmanship guarantee, the trained technicians at Australian Climate Systems always give you the best of the best.

Experience comprehensive sales and installation, support with refrigerant levels, energy consumption, noise level, the air filter, ducted systems, proper installation, warranty repairs, and more. You’re in good hands from start to finish. 

If you need a quote, one of our experienced sales consultants will meet you onsite, in your home, or in our showroom in Chirnside Park.Contact us today for a number of payment options, heating solutions, cooling solutions, and a comfortable home throughout all Melbourne seasons!

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