Why Multi-Head Split Systems Are a Cost-Effective Solution for Large Homes
July 08th, 2024
Mom Using Multi Head Split System

Do you own a large home with three or more bedrooms? According to this report by Statistica, the air conditioning market in Australia is set to grow by 5.26% (2024-2029), resulting in a market volume of over AUD 2 million in 2029. In other words, these systems are increasingly popular, especially multi-head split systems!

If you’ve expanded from limited space to a home with never-ending hallways, you’ll want a heating and cooling system that keeps your temperature stable throughout the home!

This article will explore the benefits of a multi-head split system, models you can consider purchasing, and why multiple units trump a single split system for expansive properties!

What is a Multi-Head Split System?

Like a split system and single-wall air conditioning unit, multi-head split systems have a powerful outdoor compressor connected to up to 5 units via refrigerant lines, power cables, and condensate drain lines. 

Using the same technology as a single-wall split system, air is drawn in from outdoors, then runs into the fan coil and circulates cool air back into your house. Multi-head split systems are useful for heating and cooling multiple rooms, so if an electric reverse cycle ducted system doesn’t work with your home layout, you always have options.

Running a single unit for your home is difficult if you live in a double-storey home (or an open-plan home with multiple rooms), as it is only designed to heat and cool a single space. . This is where multi-head split systems come into play, reaching temperatures faster and reducing electricity usage. Save space, energy, and experience versatile options.

The Benefits of a Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner

Couple Turning On The Air Conditioner

How can you make your home cosy during the colder months and perfect in the sweltering heat? Let’s have a look into the many enticing benefits of adding multi-head split systems to your property!

Space-saving design

Don’t clutter your home with multiple space heaters that chew up electricity! With many designs to choose from, multi-split systems are designed to be spacious, and you can put one in every bedroom.

LG units, for example, come in a range of combinations: these include long and high-elevation piping for outdoor units and wall-mounted options for indoor systems with auto-cleaning to minimise bacteria and mould growth! 

Wider piping space is up to 45% wider for ease of installation, and the LG multi-split system can heat up to 9 rooms using only one outdoor unit.


Melbourne weather isn’t always reliable (mornings can be icy cold and suddenly turn warm in the afternoon!), and connecting multiple outdoor units ensures you only use what you need for comfort levels. Models like the Mitsubishi 4-Port Multi-Split MXZ-4F80VGD system are perfect for energy efficiency in larger homes that require a long-running system to keep them warm or cool.

Since you can set the desired temperature (or use only one unit for a single room), there’s no need to worry about multiple systems constantly working simultaneously. Controlling these systems how you like means energy savings and a cheaper bill!

Quiet operation

Do you want to place a multi-head system in noise-sensitive areas such as bedrooms, home offices, or nurseries? Multi-head systems keep you cool, comfortable, and undisturbed.

Unlike old air conditioners that roar throughout the night, a modern multi-head split system has the option for quiet mode (the Daikin VRV IV-S model offers Quiet Mode!) so you can sleep soundly without waking to loud buzzes.

With LG multi-split models- the LG MS Series—an LG skew fan also reduces the air surface pressure of the fan, cutting back peak air noise. Whether they’re blaring cool air during summer or warming you in winter, your family can be comfortable!

Better air quality

If you have health sensitivities or live with young children prone to asthma, multi-head split systems are the perfect option.

With sophisticated filters to capture and remove pollutants and allergens such as dust mites and pollen, every corner of your home will be clean and healthy. Melbourne’s changing seasons can bring air quality challenges, but you don’t need to worry about a multi-split system! Daikin is a great choice for large properties because their split systems are Sensitive Choice approved by the National Asthma Council Australia. They are the only split systems with the blue butterfly symbol, so you can breathe better.

Customisable designs

Does your home have a complex layout? Whether you’re hoping to install one in a sunny lounge room or an attic bedroom, multi-head split systems allow you to position multiple indoor units in different rooms, regardless of location! You don’t need to compromise and resort to one system.

For example, Daikin’s Super-Multi NX has a wide lineup of customisable options, helping you achieve your interior design and heating/cooling goals simultaneously.

The wall-mounted type

As noted by this Daikin brochure, their wall-mounted CTXJ-T series indoor units feature a slim and stylish design. This series offers an excellent lineup of 2.0 to 9.5 kW class models, and both 8.5 and 9.5 kW class units are suitable for large family-shared rooms.

Duct-connected type

A duct-connected indoor unit is good if you’re aiming for a concealed look! Middle external static pressure models by Daikin give you design flexibility.

Ceiling-mounted cassette type

This multi-split indoor unit supports flexible installation options and can be set to deliver air in two to four directions, depending on where it is mounted in the ceiling.

Aust Climate offers split systems for Burwood, Doncaster, Glen Iris, Kew, Malvern, and Hawthorn homes in Melbourne.

Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner Models

What multi-head split system models can you consider investing in for your home? There are many that are suitable for large families wanting comfort and security.

Daikin VRV IV-S

Daikin Vrv Iv S

This model is a multi-room air conditioning system (also available in reverse cycle heating and cooling) with various indoor units to suit many room sizes, especially medium to large homes.

Using the latest technology from Daikin’s VRV commercial air conditioners, the VRV IV-S is energy efficient as only rooms requiring cooling need to be turned on, operates quietly during sleeping hours with Quiet Mode, and has long piping up to 100m (the 24kW model) for a flexible condenser placement. Experience intelligent comfort with an Intelligent Eye human sensor that provides draught-free comfort and saves energy when not in the room!

As many as 14 indoors can be connected (bulkheads or ducted units), and is compact with a horizontal discharge design, making this model excellent for a modern home!

Daikin Super Multi NX R32

Daikin Super Multi Nx R32

Do you need multi-room air conditioning? Stay comfortable in up to 5 rooms with the Super Multi NX R32 (available in reverse cycle heating and cooling), a model that allows you to control indoor units individually without the hassle.

Maintain your desired temperature and keep running costs low (shift 50% from other rooms to your priority room), as only these rooms need to be turned on. The Super Multi NX R32 delivers what you need without harming the environment with its Global Warming Potential Factor.

Being versatile for larger homes, up to 5 indoor units can be connected to the outdoor unit for total home air conditioning, and its Heat Plus feature quickly warms up spaces with a 60-degree discharge temperature for 30 minutes!

Mitsubishi 5-Port Multi Split

Mitsubishi 5 Port Multi Split

With a 10kW capacity, the Mitsubishi 5-Port multi-head split system can connect 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit! Experience a flexible indoor unit choice (floor-standing, concealed, suspended, or cassette units) for any large home application.

Occupants in different rooms have the freedom to choose their temperature (even if all systems are being used at once), and you can turn any of these off to save energy bills. Wi-Fi control lets you connect your air conditioner to your smartphone, tablet, or online account.

You can control each unit on the go from anywhere in the world. The guaranteed operating range is -10 degrees Celsius to 46 degrees Celsius (cooling) and -5 to 24 degrees Celsius (heating). It’s a great model for large families!

Mitsubishi 6-Port Multi Split

Mitsubishi 6 Port Multi Split

The 6-port multi-split system is the solution if you have a large house with multiple rooms! Connect up to 6 indoor units to a single outdoor space unit and experience flexible indoor unit choices, from suspended units to wall-mounted floor standing.

Keep your exterior clutter-free with a design that allows you to connect 2-8 units, experience Wi-Fi temperature control for each room, R23 refrigerant to reduce environmental harm, and a demand response cable. Demand Response Mode activates in response to signals sent from your electric power company, reducing usage during peak demand.
Do you need air conditioning repair or a reliable evaporative cooling service? We supply air conditioning to Hawthorn, Malvern, Forest Hill, Canterbury, and Templestowe homes across Melbourne.

LG MS Series

Lg Ms Series

LG multi-room split system indoor units use less space than individual split systems and are essential for homes with many rooms!

The MS model includes a triple filter and detachable bottom cover when wall-mounted, slim duct and drain pipe (ceiling concealed duct) and wide airflow when installed in a ceiling cassette style.

Experience energy efficiency with Smart Load Control (which controls the refrigerant temperature according to the outside), quick cooling and heating with its quick operating response, and “Night Quiet” operation when you sleep.If you would like to explore new heating and cooling alternatives, consider replacing your gas heater with electric heating and cooling.

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