Why It’s a Better Idea to Invest in a Brand New Air Conditioner This Summer

January 27th, 2023
Why Its A Better Idea To Invest In A Brand New Air Conditioner This Summer

As we welcome the season of drier days and warmer nights, we want our homes to be as comfortable as possible. While getting your old unit cleaned and serviced could be a good option, maintaining your AC could actually cost you more in the long run depending on its age and overall energy consumption.

There are many good reasons to invest in a brand new air conditioner, and summer could be the perfect time to do it.

With that in mind, let’s look at the many reasons why it’s better to invest in a new air conditioner rather than repairing it, and the best time of year to install new air conditioning in Melbourne.

15 Reasons to Install a New Air Conditioning System

1. Fewer Health Risks

Summer is not only the season of Christmas in Australia but also the season of allergies and asthma. According to National Asthma Council Australia, the combination of extra pollen in the area and the build-up of dust and mould from old holiday decorations results in more asthma and allergy flare-ups! Keeping your home air conditioned and purified can go a long way to protecting you from these symptoms, but if you have an older AC, it might actually be exacerbating the air quality problem.

Air conditioners work by pushing air around the room, and this can pick up and distribute any pollen, dust, mould, and other contaminants present in the air. Modern air con units combat this by coming equipped with advanced air filters and other air purification and filtration technology.

If your older system is making the season of allergies and asthma worse, upgrading can give you some much-needed relief and much better air quality.

Try a Daikin or Panasonic system, as these air conditioners are recognised by National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program for their air filtration and purification technology.

2. Cost-Efficient Performance and other Cost Factors 

Air conditioner technology is only becoming more cost-efficient over time, so investing in a new AC unit could be more affordable in the long run. Yes, you will have to face the upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing a new system, but your running costs could be dramatically lower with a new system, even compared to one from just a few years ago.

If you’re considering replacing your old air conditioning unit with a new one, here are a few cost factors to think about:

    • Are your power bills going up more and more every summer? This could be partly due to increasing electricity prices, but your air conditioner could also be playing a role. An older AC will be severely inefficient compared to modern standards, and this efficiency will only keep declining over time (meaning even higher energy bills!)
      • Does your current system have features, technologies, and modes to reduce operating costs? Features like eco mode and inverter technology go a long way to making your AC more affordable. If your system isn’t equipped with this modern technology, upgrading could be a no-brainer.
        • What is your AC budget? As we said, you will face some upfront supply and installation costs when installing a new system. It’s important to work within your budget, but don’t just go for the cheapest model to lower your costs, as it might not come with the best energy star rating or cost-saving features. Buy Now Pay Later options may also be available for those who are financially willing and able.

        3. An Upgraded System to Match Your Updated Needs

        Even if your current air conditioner is in good condition, it might not be worth persisting with it if it’s not meeting your needs.

        For example, maybe you had a single split system in the living room when it was just you and your partner and you were in the office 5 days a week.

        But now you might be working from home in different rooms, and there might be kids or teenagers to consider. If this is the case, upgrading to a multi-split system or even a central heating and cooling unit might be the best option.

        To avoid complaints from your kids and partner alike, getting the upgrades done in time for summer is always the best option.

        4. You Want a Bit of Peace and Quiet When the Cooler Is Running!

        If your current air conditioning system is too loud for comfort, then upgrading is definitely a great idea. The fans and compressors in air conditioners are getting quieter every year, and modern ACs have modes such as “Quiet Mode”, “Sleep Mode” or “Night Mode”, which further reduce the noise from the system when you need the house to be as close to silent as possible!

        5. Extra Energy Efficiency

        If energy efficiency has become a priority for you, then increasing the number of stars on your AC’s energy label is a great idea. You can help your existing system stay at its best through regular servicing and repairs, but the only way to increase your energy star rating is by upgrading to a new system.

        You might want a more energy-efficient system for affordability, environmental reasons, or both. No matter your reason, upgrading to a new air conditioner will grant you added energy efficiency. Perform an energy audit and upgrade today.

        6. You Are Eco-Conscious

        If you have a slightly older air conditioner, it might use R22 Refrigerant or even R410A Refrigerant. While these refrigerants are effective when it comes to heating and cooling, they are not good for the ozone layer or the environment in general.

        R32 refrigerant is the current gold standard for air conditioners, boasting the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) of all refrigerants used in ACs.

        Older air conditioners also have higher energy consumption on average, meaning they use more fossil-fuel-powered energy to heat or cool, resulting in a higher carbon footprint for your home.

        If you want the most environmentally friendly air conditioner possible, upgrade to an energy-efficient system that uses R32 refrigerant. This will allow you to beat the summer heat while doing your part for Mother Earth.

        To take this even further, you can consider switching from a refrigerated air conditioner to an evaporative cooler, which swaps refrigerant-powered cooling for water-powered cooling! 

        Talk to Australian Climate Systems for expert advice on the most eco-friendly air conditioning in Blackburn and across Melbourne. 

        7. Your Old Air Conditioner Is Seriously OLD

        Age may just be a number, but when it comes to air conditioners, age can really take its toll.

        An air conditioning system that’s been serviced every 2-3 years and repaired as required might last for up to 20 years, or possibly even longer!

        However, the average lifespan of an AC is about 15 years, and after the 10-year mark, your old air conditioner will start to:

          • Use more electricity to achieve the same consistent temperature settings
            • Break down due to ageing parts
              • Be missing features and technologies present in newer air conditioners
                • Contain parts that are difficult to find, making certain replacements a headache!

                And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

                Repair and maintenance costs are also likely to get more expensive over time, which is why some professionals recommend following the $5000 rule.

                In a nutshell, if the age of your system multiplied by the cost of your repair bill is more than $5000, you might be financially better off replacing it!

                8. Your AC Hasn’t Just Been Used – It’s Been OVERUSED!

                As well as age, it’s also worth considering how often you have used your system. If you live in a hotter part of the country, you might use your air conditioner far more often, meaning you might need to upgrade to a new unit after fewer years.

                Even if you live in relatively moderate Melbourne, you might overwork your system simply due to personal preference. For example, some people run their AC on cold temperatures all day and night during summer. If this sounds like you, considering an upgrade sooner rather than later would be wise. 

                9. A Brand New Warranty

                The peace of mind that comes with a brand new parts and labour warranty can be a wonderful thing!

                On the other hand, if your system breaks down and it’s out of warranty, it might not just be the summer heat that makes you sweat. The size of the repair bill could also get you hot under the collar!

                If your air conditioner is under warranty, the cost of repairs, replacement parts, or even a replacement system may be covered in certain circumstances. And it’s a great relief to know that you are covered.

                Having a system that’s out of warranty doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to replace it. But if your system came with a generous warranty – between 7 to 10 years – it might be worth upgrading soon to not only get a modern system but regain your warranty coverage. 

                10. You Want to Bump Up Your Sale Price

                If you’re looking to sell your home soon, then upgrading your AC is a smart choice. Buyers look for modern appliances when shopping for a place to live, and air conditioners are often towards the top of the list.

                Heating and cooling is something that potential buyers can easily test at an open house, so if your AC looks old, performs poorly, or is extra loud when running, you might see buyers running a mile!

                Melbourne is a competitive property market, so upgrading your air conditioner could be an affordable way to increase the sale price and marketability of your property. Summer is the best time to make this upgrade because the property market is just coming back to life as the new year begins. This gives you the perfect chance to make the upgrades before your property goes on the market.

                Looking for new air conditioning in Rowville or across Melbourne? Make the upgrade with Australian Climate systems to drive up your property price. 

                11. The Size Just Isn’t Right 

                A poorly sized air conditioner is a problem in more ways than one. An oversized air conditioner will result in a needlessly hot or cold home and scarily high energy bills. Meanwhile, an undersized system will overwork itself to get the job done, resulting in flagging performance, faster wear and tear, and once again – higher energy bills.

                Your existing system might be the wrong size if you’ve extended your home and there is now more space to cool, or if you chose the wrong unit to begin with and weren’t advised otherwise by an HVAC professional.

                However it happened, there’s really only one way to fix an oversized or undersized AC – by replacing it. Make this summer the time you finally replace your poorly sized system to avoid skyrocketing bills and complete discomfort!

                12. Extensive Features

                As we’ve already alluded to, there are many modern features that you will miss out on if you don’t upgrade your old air conditioner.

                Today’s technology has pushed air conditioning further than ever before, and there are now various advantages and benefits that you can enjoy simply by purchasing a modern AC.

                Names like Daikin and Panasonic are pushing air conditioners further in the realms of humidification, dehumidification, and air purification – and that’s just scratching the surface.

                It pays to invest in a new system rather than repairing it so you can get the following features:

                  • Smartphone control thanks to Wi-Fi integration
                  • Modern air conditioner filters and systems with automatic self-cleaning functionality
                  • Advanced humidification and dehumidification
                  • High energy star ratings with power-saving functions, like Daikin’s Econo Mode
                  • DRED – or Demand Response Enabling Device – which allows your system to function more economically when the electrical grid is in high demand
                  • Timers and smart sensors to automatically switch your system on/off in different circumstances

                  13. You’re Replacing a Major Part During Every Service

                  When you first get your air conditioner, you might be servicing it every 2-3 years, which involves thorough professional cleaning and a check of all the components.

                  But as time goes on, you might find that services start requiring more and more replacement parts, and you might need to book extra repairs in between your regular service period!

                  If this keeps happening to you, it might be time to replace your system, as these major repair costs will quickly start to add up.

                  Make the change this summer so you’re not left with a broken-down system on a 40-degree day!

                  14. You Have Other AC Servicing Concerns

                  Air Conditioner Leaking

                  As well as major parts, other service issues that might prompt you to replace your system completely include persistent air conditioner leaks or extensive corrosion and rust on the outdoor unit. 

                  One or two leaks might be worth repairing and a little bit of rust won’t do much harm. However, major or recurring issues can cost you an arm and a leg and seriously limit the effectiveness of your cooling system.

                  Maybe your air conditioner doesn’t have one major issue but it’s plagued by dozens of small problems. These tiny issues could be a case of “death by a thousand cuts”. They don’t cost much or cause many problems on their own, but cumulatively, they become expensive and bring down the effectiveness of your system.

                  Finally, there’s always the chance that you’ve never bothered with regular maintenance and air conditioning repairs. This alone could be a good reason to replace it. A lack of servicing will seriously limit the effectiveness of your AC while increasing the chance of major breakdowns – especially when combined with an ageing system.

                  If you want to know if it’s worth repairing your air conditioning in Dandenong or the surroundings, contact the air conditioning experts at  Australian Climate Systems for honest advice on the most affordable long-term option.

                  15. Are There Any Other Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

                  As you can see, the reasons to replace your AC this summer are a combination of modern benefits and problems with your old system.

                  There are many obvious signs that it’s time to replace your system, from unusual smells to strange noises to the need for frequent repairs and less consistent air temperature.

                  You can read 13 more warning signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioner here.

                  The Key Reason to Replace Each Type of Cooling System This Summer!

                  Now let’s look at the number one reason you might want to replace a refrigerated/reverse cycle system, an evaporative cooler, or a split system.

                  Why Upgrade to a New Ducted Refrigerated or Reverse Cycle System?

                  The number one reason to upgrade your ducted cooling system this summer is if you have a refrigerant leak or you want to invest in a system with modern refrigerant.

                  If your old refrigerated cooler or reverse cycle heating and cooling uses R22 or even the more modern R410A refrigerant, it might be worth upgrading to a system that uses the gold standard R32 refrigerant.

                  The great thing about updating your ducted air conditioning is that you can often just replace the outdoor unit and leave the ducts and grilles in place, which is far more affordable and less labour-intensive.

                  Why Upgrade to a New Evaporative Cooler?

                  If the motor in your evaporative cooler has stopped working and cannot be fixed, this is a major sign to simply upgrade to a new evaporative system. The motor is the most expensive part of an evaporative setup and so it may not be worth replacing.

                  Once again, various elements of your evaporative cooling system may not need replacing, such as the ductwork and vents, which will save you some money on your upgrade.

                  Why Upgrade to a New Split System?

                  As split systems use refrigerant, the points mentioned in the refrigerated/reverse cycle section apply here.

                  A split system air conditioner that uses older refrigerant or has a refrigerant leak may be worth replacing rather than continuing to maintain it. The cost to source and install a split system is much cheaper than ducted units, so there may be times when it’s worth replacing your split system even if you persist with a ducted unit.

                  Of course, it’s also worth upgrading if you want to change from one system to another. For example, you might want to swap to evaporative cooling for environmental purposes or reverse cycle heating and cooling for increased comfort. As you cannot retrofit one system to become another, the only option is upgrading.

                  Reasons to Buy Your New AC in Summer

                  We’ve mentioned all the reasons to replace an air conditioner and the benefits that come with an upgrade, but why upgrade in summer?

                  Here are the key reasons:

                  • Your air conditioning unit has broken down in the summer months and is beyond repair. Your only options are to upgrade or to swelter through summer!
                  • You’ve moved to a new house in summer and you either need a new AC or you want to swap from one type of cooling to another.
                  • You want to take full advantage of your new air conditioning system and use all its cooling features as soon as you get it – making summer the perfect time!
                  • You want to take advantage of potential summer sales – just keep in mind that buying in peak season could also have the opposite effect. 

                  Reasons to Buy Your New AC BEFORE Summer 

                  Buying a cooling system in the hot summer months is a perfect idea if you desperately need one. But there could be benefits of buying outside of peak season – particularly in the cooler winter and autumn months. 

                  • Many modern systems are reverse cycle air conditioners – so you can upgrade in autumn and enjoy a built-in heater in winter as well as excellent cooling in spring and summer
                  • Upgrading before summer means you can account for any potential installation delays. If you upgrade in the height of summer, you might need to wait a while for an installer.
                  • Choosing to upgrade before the heat of summer means you have more time to research all your options, including different models and the best prices available
                  • When upgrading outside of peak season, you might be able to get a good deal as it’s the slow season for new air conditioners!

                  Your Replacement Unit Is Waiting for You – Upgrade Today!

                  Always remember that you should never settle for less when it comes to your family’s overall comfort.

                  So, whether your old system is emitting a strange smell or you just want the most technologically advanced type of air conditioner on the market, upgrading is a great idea.

                  Skip the never-ending minor repairs and inconsistent temperatures and upgrade with our air conditioning specialists.

                  Whether it’s summer, autumn, winter, or spring, you can trust the air conditioning technicians and masters of heating and cooling at Australian Climate Systems.

                  Call Australian Climate Systems on 03 9726 4444 to purchase your next air conditioning unit in Melbourne!

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