The Best Split System Air Conditioners for 2023!

January 30th, 2023
Man sitting on recliner turning on split system air conditioner with remote

2023 is the perfect time to invest in a new split system air conditioner! 

Just like every other year, Melbourne’s summer is bound to be hot, the colder months are going to get chilly, and some moments in between will serve up four seasons in one day.

Split systems are fully equipped to handle all weather conditions, offering heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, air filters, and air purifiers – all in one system.

Whether you’re struggling to get to sleep in the heat or you don’t want to shiver through your winter Netflix binge, a split system is perfect for you.

Air conditioner technology only gets better every year, but trusted brands and quality products will stand the test of time. Here is our pick for some of the best split system air conditioning systems in 2023 and beyond!

Our Picks for the Leading Split System Brands in Melbourne, Australia

ActronAir – Air Conditioning for Australians

The ActronAir brand prides itself on offering air conditioning to match local Australian conditions and Australian consumers.

If you’re looking for a premium split air conditioner for your living room, the Serene Series 2 from ActronAir could be perfect for you. This impressive split system boasts a 7-star energy rating, plus heating and cooling performance in conditions as hot as 60ºC and as cold as -25ºC.

The Series 2 has a relatively small footprint and offers excellent climate control in small spaces as well as in closed-off rooms in larger homes. 

Some of its best features include smart timers, multi-speed fan control, auto-restart functionality, DC inverter technology, smart Proximity Sensors, and Super Ionizer technology to fight indoor odours, dust, smoke and pollen particles.

The innovative modes on this system include:

  • Eco+ Mode: for up to 60% more energy efficiency
  • Dehumidification Mode: For greater indoor comfort
  • Low Noise Mode: For fan noise as low as 24 decibels
  • Boost Mode: Reach the desired temperature ASAP!
  • Follow Me Mode: Additional sensors in the remote control mean the climate control can literally follow you at the press of a button.

Daikin – Indoor Comfort Backed By Research and Development

Cool air flowing from a split system, with the Daikin logo interposed

The Daikin team brings more than 90 years of research and development to the heating and cooling industry, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality air conditioner from the team.

Whether you’re looking for split systems in Box Hill or Blackburn, Daikin is sure to deliver a quality solution. Daikin split ACs include a range of products. Here are just a few we would recommend:

Daikin ALIRA

  • 2.0 – 9.4kW capacity across 9 different models
  • Control airflow to blow directly towards you or away from you with the 2-Area Intelligent Eye Sensor
  • When the room is empty, the Intelligent Eye Sensor switches to automatic energy saving
  • The “Powerful” button for a 20-minute heating and cooling boost, even if you’re already at full capacity
  • Other features include R32 refrigerant, titanium apatite air purification filters, and temperature control in 0.5°C increments

Daikin US7

    • Industry-leading 7-star ‘Super Efficiency’ rating
    • 2.5 – 5.0kW capacity across 3 different models
    • Advanced humidification and powerful dehumidification to maintain complete comfort
    • Unique 2-stage filtration for fresher, cleaner air
    • Coanda Airflow technology to enable rapid and even cooling of your space
    • Other features include automatic self-cleaning, airflow variation that mimics a natural breeze and a high-density heat exchanger for superior performance in heating and cooling mode
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    Daikin ZENA

      • 2.5 – 6.0kW capacity across 8 different models
      • Built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone control
      • An ultra-compact design for the most discreet indoor unit!
      • The Grid Eye Sensor, which monitors the floor temperature during heating and adjusts for even temperature distribution
      • Other features include the 2-Area Intelligent Eye sensor, Flash Streamer Technology to decompose absorbed bacteria and mould, and Saw Edge Fans to quietly deliver the most air possible!

      Check out this article to find out why Daikin is often considered the number 1 air conditioning brand!

      Rinnai – Comfortable, Efficient, Safe

      Rinnai Logo next to a split system indoor unit

      Rinnai split systems are packed with innovative features, sleek designs, and inverter technology. The Rinnai Q Series could be the perfect air conditioner for the bedrooms in your home.

      Some of its features include:

        • 7-day programmable timer with iOS and Android functionality
        • Self-diagnosis functionality, including auto switch off and error code display in the unlikely event that the system malfunctions
        • Sleep Mode, which mimics the natural fluctuations in outdoor ambient temperature through the night for a more comfortable sleep
        • A 3-minute cleaning cycle every time the system is switched off
        • Long-distance air supply up to 15 metres, which also makes the Q Series suitable for larger living and sleeping spaces

        The Rinnai J Series is another popular option in the Rinnai split range. It is often cited as one of the best options when you’re looking for a small split system AC!

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        You can read more of our thoughts on Rinnai systems here.

        Panasonic – Class Leading Air Quality

        If you find that air conditioners always make you cough, sneeze, or feel dried out, Panasonic split system air conditioning may be right for you. 

        Panasonic’s split ACs are recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program thanks to their advanced air filtration and purification technology.

        Choose Panasonic’s Premium Reverse Cycle Split Systems, known as the AERO Series, for the following benefits and more:

          • 24-hour air purification
          • Heating and cooling capacity from 2.5 – 9.0kW
          • Cloud technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice control
          • Panasonic nanoe X air purification, which deodorises, inhibits viruses and bacteria, stops mould growth, deactivates pollen and major allergens, breaks down hazardous substances, hydrates and moisturises the skin and hair, and more!

          Learn more about Panasonic and Nanoe X Air Purification here.

          Or click here to learn more about the features and benefits of Panasonic air conditioning!

          LG – Air Conditioning for the Way You Live

          Another major contender, LG systems are perfect for small business air conditioning in Dandenong, a family split system in Templestowe, and everything in between.

          If you’re looking for a split system air conditioner in 2023, the excellent LG Smart Series (WS Series) and the fully featured LG High Efficiency Series (WH Series) will both deliver in spades!

          Just some of the impressive features available across these systems include:

            • Embedded Wi-Fi compatibility
            • Energy monitoring and 4-Step Active Energy Control for improved heating efficiency, cooling efficiency, and overall power consumption
            • Auto cleaning functionality
            • The Plasmaster Ioniser Plus for advanced filtration and active deodorisation in your room
            • A 10-year compressor warranty

            Click here to find out more about why LG is a good brand for heating and cooling.

            How to Choose the Best Split System in General – Buyers Guide and FAQ

            Simply by looking at the air conditioner brands and models above, you will have a good idea of what to look for in a split system. 

            But if you want to leave the brand debate aside completely, we’ve put together a few features to look for so you can choose the best split air conditioning in Camberwell, throughout Melbourne, and across Australia in 2023.

            10 Key Split System Features and Benefits to Look for

            1. A system that suits your budget: Split systems are among the most affordable and popular types of air conditioners. Be sure to consider both upfront costs (for supply and installation) as well as ongoing expenses (running costs, energy efficiency, maintenance and repair requirements).

            2. The right shape, size, and power capacity: The indoor unit of your split system will be a presence in your home, so think about size and shape in terms of how much room you have available and how the unit will blend with your decor. Also consider the square metres of the room you want to heat/cool. As well as length, width, depth, and shape, you need to consider size in terms of power capacity. If your system is oversized or undersized in terms of power, you will end up overpaying in running costs in the long term!

            3. Energy efficiency features: Check the energy rating for the system you are considering. The higher the energy star rating, the more efficient and affordable your unit will be to run. Other features – like an Economy Mode and DRED (Demand Response Enabling Device) will help you reduce power usage, carbon emissions, and your energy bill both during peak usage and everyday use. 

            4. Fan speeds: Multiple fan speeds allow you to easily increase heating and cooling as required, allowing you to switch your priority from efficiency to performance with ease.

            5. Operating noise: Most split systems claim to be whisper-quiet, but just make sure you check the recorded decibels produced and look for user experiences to back this up. You want a system that’s as quiet as possible when starting up and in operation, even when operating at capacity. Many systems have a “Quiet Mode” or similar that prioritises quiet operation – perfect for overnight air conditioning!

            5. Many modes: We’ve already mentioned a few operating modes your split system might have. Other modes to look out for include Auto Mode, Dry Mode (for dehumidification), and more.

            6. Timers and human sensors: A split system with timers and smart sensors can automatically power down to save you money and increase energy efficiency while promoting rapid heating and cooling and a comfortable flow of air.

            7. A wide operating range: In Australia, it’s good to know that your AC can keep operating at its best when the mercury tips over 40 Celsius or dips below zero. Most split systems offer this kind of operating range. Just make sure your AC is designed for your local climate before you buy.

            8. Cleaning features: Look for a split system with advanced, long-lasting air filters, dehumidification technology, air purification systems, self-cleaning technology, and more!

            9. Wi-Fi compatibility: Most modern Wi-Fi-enabled systems allow you to control your AC through your phone as long as you have a wireless connection. Set timers, run diagnostics, double-check that your system is turned off, pre-cool your home before you arrive, and much more – all thanks to Wi-Fi.

            10. Warranty: You want your split system to last without major problems for at least 10 years, and you should look for a parts and labour warranty that covers at least 5 years!

            8 Split System FAQs

            1. What are they? Split systems are known for being affordable, energy efficient, quiet, and easy to install. Most of all, they’re known for being split into the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit sits high on the wall and the outdoor unit is positioned on or near the exterior of the same wall. Split ACs are space heaters and coolers – meaning they’re designed for climate control in one room only – like the living room or bedroom.

            2. How do they work? Things can get really complicated when explaining how a split air conditioner works. You can talk about refrigerant changing from a gas to a liquid to a vapour and back again! But in a nutshell, these heat pump systems absorb warm air. In doing so, they either remove warm air from your home to create cooling or add warm air from outside for heating. Just like ducted refrigerated cooling, the doors and windows stay closed while in use.

            3. What are the pros and cons? The advantages of split systems include easy installation, small footprint, energy-efficient and affordable to run, quiet operation, and combined heating and cooling. The drawbacks of split systems include heating and cooling for one room only, must install an indoor unit (rather than just having ducts), and outdoor units may be noisy for neighbours.

            4. What is the installation method? To install split systems, a professional will mount the indoor unit and outdoor unit in the ideal positions. A small hole is made, and the two units are connected via a series of small pipes and electrical wires. Installation is fast and simple, with no need for extensive ductwork!

            5. What are inverters and why are they important? An inverter split system refers to a split AC with inverter technology. Essentially, the inverter allows the AC motor to gradually speed up and slow down, rather than just being switched on or switched off. This gradual acceleration and deceleration increases energy efficiency, reduces wear and tear, and contributes to more comfortable airflow.

            6. What is reverse cycle technology and why is it important? Reverse cycle technology is what allows your split system to offer both heating and cooling. Most split systems are reverse cycle these days, but cooling-only models are also available. Make sure you purchase a reverse cycle air conditioner if you want a split system with heating and cooling functionality.

            7. What is a multi-head split system? The indoor unit of a split AC is also known as a head unit. Multi-head split systems, or simply multi-split systems, are set-ups that allow you to run multiple indoor units using just one outdoor unit. This allows you to have heating and cooling in multiple rooms without cluttering your exterior with outdoor units.

            8. Which split AC brand is best in 2023? It’s impossible to say, as every user will have different requirements. You might want a Panasonic system if you prioritise air quality or an ActronAir unit if you love the “Follow Me” function. Daikin is widely considered among the best heating and cooling brands, so you can’t go wrong with a Daikin system. Other options not mentioned on the above list might even be right for you.

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            Find the Best Split System Air Conditioning in 2023 and Beyond

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