Why use heating and cooling services?

November 03rd, 2016
Why Use Heating And Cooling Services

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A proper heating and cooling service installed in your home or office not only makes you feel comfortable but also has other benefits. Let dive in to explore what are they.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

With an increasing number of people wanting to live closer to the city means that though people are willing to cut down travel time to work they are ready to compromise on the living spaces.

The office spaces too , whether built on open plan or closed one, may not have enough ventilation.

With air flow congested in such poorly ventilated living spaces, it has been found that indoor air quality is two to five times worse than outdoor air. This polluted air within your home can cause colds to linger longer and allergies to be more severe.

Moisture Consistency

Whether you live in a climate that changes drastically every three to four months, or you live in a climate that remains constant, your home is always subject to moisture retention. Since air inside the home does not circulate properly and is rarely exchanged with cooler, drier air outside when applicable, your home may easily grow mould or mildew inside walls and under floors. To reduce the chances of mould growth, which also causes health concerns and structural damage over time, the HVAC system consistently pulls warm, moist air out and sends dry, cool air inside in an exchange.

Controls Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is caused by an accumulation of contaminants that come primarily from inside the building, although some originate outdoors. These pollutants may be generated by a specific, limited source or several sources over a wide area, and may be generated periodically or continuously. Common sources of indoor air pollution include tobacco smoke, biological organisms, building materials and furnishings, cleaning agents, copy machines, and pesticides.

What is the solution?

The options available are umpteen depending on the space where you need to install and the budget. Gas Heaters, Evaporative Air Conditioners and ducted reverse cycle air conditioner are just some of the options to explore.

These processes typically include bringing in outdoor air, conditioning and mixing the outdoor air with some portion of indoor air, distributing this mixed air throughout the building, and exhausting some portion of the indoor air outside. The quality of indoor air may deteriorate when one or more of these processes is inadequate.

For example, carbon dioxide (a gas that is produced when people breathe), may accumulate in building spaces if sufficient amounts of outdoor air are not brought into and distributed throughout the building. Carbon dioxide is a surrogate for indoor pollutants that may cause occupants to grow drowsy, get headaches, or function at lower activity levels.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) is the newer technology in this space. HVAC can improve air quality by constantly exchanging the indoor air with fresh, outdoor air that is also filtered for the best quality possible.

Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. HVAC is an important part of residential structures such as single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels and senior living facilities, medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and hospitals.

The initial spending on HVAC system may be higher than the typical gas furnace, yet the long-term, energy-saving benefits are noticeable each month. A HVAC system has both heating and cooling in one unit. This alone saves construction space, installation time and fees, and required power usage.

In structures with more roof space, this system can run by renewable energy, sometimes in the form of solar panels. Energy conservation is even better since the coolant is non-chlorine-based.

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