Zoning Your Home: Ways to Maximise the Use of Your Heaters

July 24th, 2018
Zoning Your Home Ways To Maximise The Use Of Your Heaters

When considering installing a heater an additional factor becomes not only the cost of the installation, but your utility bills! So now is a great time to familiarise yourself with the concept of zoned heating. Zoned heating means having control of the heating in various parts of your house – the ability to heat up the rooms you know you’ll be in and not the entire place. It’s better to come up with a zoned heating plan early (it’s a bit late when the unit is already installed!). Here’s how to incorporate zoned heating, depending on the type of system you use:

1. Whole House

It can be a pain when your room upstairs is three times hotter than the one below, or vice versa. If you want your whole house heated, as opposed to specific rooms, you can look at zoned heating for this option. This relies on the layout of your home and which areas you use more often, and it can be done in two ways: having a single unit that can simultaneously maintain two separate zones, or many units that can be operated by themselves. Each zone has a separate thermostat and ductwork to control its airflow. They require professional installation in order to maximise how it can work properly in your home.

2. Mini-Split System

A less costly and still efficient option is the mini-split system or ductless heating. It is easy to install and operate, and it also does not need any ductwork strategically placed throughout your house. The major component that makes the system work is the heat pump, a condenser unit placed outdoors which pumps the cold and hot outside. Usually, this type of zone heating allows for up to four air handlers (the indoor portion of the unit) that provides heating in separate zones. This type of zoning is ideal if each zone is only one room. Professionals are required to install this zoning system as well.

3. Manual Operation

If you’re only looking to heat up a small area for a short period of time, then electric space heaters may be a good choice for you. Put them in small areas that you want to warm up quickly. Be aware, while there is no installation cost for space heaters, most tend to not be very energy efficient. Always make it a point to turn off heaters when you leave the room, and don’t cover.

The last thing you want to be stressing about in the middle of Winter is a huge gas/electricity bill – so take the stress off with zoned heating. For more information as well as enquiries regarding heating installation, contact Australian Climate Systems today!

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