7 Major Benefits Of Refrigerated Cooling

February 25th, 2022
4 Major Benefits Refrigerated Cooling

Melbourne is renowned for its blistering summer heat, and when the mercury climbs, staying cool is everyone’s priority. A reliable cooling system is essential for any home or office space, but the question is, which system should you choose? 

There are so many systems available to keep your property cool and refreshed, but one of the most popular options for homes and commercial buildings is refrigerated cooling. 

Refrigerated cooling is a form of air conditioning that removes hot air from an area and returns cool air. This is carried out by an external unit that works hard to generate cold air filtered through the internal fan coils. 

To find out if refrigerated air conditioning is right for you, we’ve put together a list of 7 reasons why you should consider installing a refrigerated system. We’ll also explore the different options for refrigerated air conditioning, so you know exactly what to look for when selecting one of these reliable, versatile systems.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning Explained 

The basic premise of refrigerated air conditioning is that it constantly recirculates the same air. Hot air from your home or office is drawn into the system and it is cooled using refrigerant gases. Cold air is then distributed throughout the property, providing effective cooling no matter the weather outside. This process is repeated in order to achieve and maintain your optimal indoor temperature. Because refrigerated systems constantly recirculate the same air, the doors and windows in your property must remain closed. This is in contrast to evaporative cooling systems, which utilise a natural process. Evaporative systems require the doors and windows to remain open, so they can constantly circulate fresh outdoor air through your property. 

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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Vs Refrigerated Split Systems 

Your refrigerated air conditioner will either be a ducted system or a split system. 

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides whole-home cooling, which is delivered through vents either in the ceiling or below the floor. You can deliver cold air to every room of your property or to selected areas using zoning technology.

Split system refrigerated air conditioners are designed to primarily cool one room. An indoor unit is installed towards the top of a wall, and this is connected to an outdoor unit on the other side of that wall via a series of wires and pipes. The outdoor unit or condenser can also be wall or roof mounted if necessary. You can have a single split system for refrigerated cooling in one room, multiple split systems each with their own outdoor units, or a multi-head split system that runs several indoor units independently, using just one outdoor unit. 

Choose Refrigerated Air Conditioning and Take Advantage of These 7 Benefits 

Whether you choose a ducted air conditioning unit or split systems, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy, including:

1. Reduced Allergies

All forced-air cooling systems work by blowing air around the room, and this can be a problem for airborne allergy sufferers. However, it’s important to note that it is the pollutants in the air, and not the air conditioner itself, which causes your allergic reaction.

Fortunately, refrigerated air conditioning systems help to reduce allergies in several ways. 

A major problem that causes harmful airborne bacteria is humidity. Bacteria such as mould spores thrive in damp areas. A refrigerated system dehumidifies the air, removing hot air, humidity, and harmful bacteria while sending clean, cool air back into your space. 

Unlike evaporative systems, refrigerated air conditioning only uses air that’s already inside your property. This means that seasonal allergy sufferers don’t have to worry about hay fever and pollen when using the air conditioner. While evaporative cooling systems do have filters, outdoor pollutants can enter through the indoor unit or the open windows and doors. By using the air inside your home and closing the windows and doors, a refrigerated system guarantees that new outdoor pollutants are not entering your property. 

2. Complete Temperature Control

A refrigerated cooling system allows you to set a temperature that suits you without having to worry about how hot or cold it is outside. In fact, refrigerated coolers can easily achieve temperatures of up to 12 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature.

The internal vents of a ducted refrigerated air conditioner are controlled by one centralised system, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating temperatures in different areas of your property. If you do want custom settings in different areas of your home, you can easily achieve this with either a ducted or split system air conditioning set-up.

3. Zoning and Multi-Splits for Personalised Comfort

Want to prevent air conditioning wars in the office? Need to cater to the needs of different family members at home?

With refrigerated air conditioners, you can set different temperatures to suit almost everyone!

If you choose refrigerated ducted air conditioning, you can take advantage of zoning technology. This allows you to set up different zones, which can be switched on, switched off, and set to different temperatures individually. 

If you have multiple split systems in different rooms, you can set them each to different temperatures. This is even the case when you’re running multiple indoor split systems off one outdoor unit! 

4. Effective Air Conditioning in All Types of Heat!

Some cooling systems, such as evaporative cooling, are only effective in hot and dry climates, but not refrigerated air conditioners. As stated above, refrigerated systems do not rely on outdoor conditions for temperature regulation, meaning you can effectively cool your home even on the most humid of days. 

While evaporative systems can handle most of what a Melbourne summer can throw at us, refrigerated cooling is the way to go if you want guaranteed comfort on the most challenging days. 

5. Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling for Year-Round Comfort

An excellent cooling system is paramount in summer, but when winter comes along, your air conditioner will become idle. Switching back and forth between a cooling and heating system is costly and inconvenient.

With a ducted refrigerated cooler or a split system, you can enjoy heating and cooling in one! Refrigerated cooling systems utilise reverse cycle technology, which reverses the function of the system. So instead of drawing in warm air and distributing cold air, your system will draw in cool air and distribute warm air.

If you already have gas ducted heating and you want a refrigerated cooler, you may be able to take advantage of add-on air conditioning. This solution allows you to install a refrigerated cooling unit that uses the same ducts as your existing gas heater! 

Whether you use add-on cooling or a reverse cycle air conditioning unit, you can enjoy optimal comfort all year round with a refrigerated system! 

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6. Energy-Efficient Options

It is true that refrigerated coolers are not the most eco-friendly or energy-efficient systems on the market. In exchange for their excellent performance, these systems need to make some sacrifices. However, there are many ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your system.

Thanks to zoning, you can heat or cool only the areas of your property that you are using, which reduces wasted electricity usage and lowers your energy bills. If you have a split system refrigerated air conditioner, you can install different sized units to suit specific areas of your home or office.

If your refrigerated AC has an inverter, it will use a variable speed motor to gradually ramp up when you activate the system. Inverter systems cool your property faster and more gradually, resulting in fewer energy fluctuations and more energy-efficient operation.

Many refrigerated systems will even turn off automatically when the set temperature is reached, resulting in even lower running costs and further reductions in electricity use. 

7. Non-Intrusive Units

When purchasing an air conditioner, the design of the system may not be on the top of your priority list. However, the design of your air conditioner greatly impacts your available space, so it’s worth considering this carefully. 

Some air conditioners have internal units that are too big for specific areas. Equally, you might have a particular outdoor layout that would be disrupted by an external unit. 

With a ducted refrigerated cooling system, the internal units are hidden away in the roof or under the floor. The only design element inside your home is sleek, unobtrusive vents or grilles. All the internal vents are controlled by a single condenser unit that’s located outdoors, meaning you don’t have to worry about multiple outdoor systems. 

When it comes to split systems, there are several options available to make your system less intrusive. Indoor units are sleek and can be placed high on the wall, meaning they don’t take up any space you would otherwise be using. Outdoor units are also smaller than ever, and you can explore options for connecting multiple indoor units to just one outdoor unit. You can find out more about multi-head split system air conditioning here

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