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Choosing the Right Heating System with Australian Climate Systems

Before diving into the specifics of electric ducted heating versus electric or gas heating, it’s important to consider the unique aspects of your situation. At Australian Climate Systems, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect heating solution based on:

  • Your Individual Circumstances: Understanding that every home and homeowner has distinct needs.
  • Requirements: Customizing our approach to meet your specific heating demands.
  • Cost Considerations: Evaluating both the immediate and long-term financial implications to ensure cost-effectiveness.
  • Expert Advice: Offering personalized consultations to navigate through your options.
  • Tailored Solutions: Assessing the specific characteristics of your property to recommend the most suitable system.

With these considerations in mind, let’s explore the differences between electric ducted heating and electric or gas heating to give you a preliminary understanding of what each option offers.


Factor Electric Ducted Heating Gas Ducted Heating
Initial CostHigher initial costs for the heating system, potentially offset by the use of solar panels for energy generation.Typically lower initial costs for the unit and installation.
Running CostsCan be significantly reduced if supplemented with solar energy, otherwise generally higher than gas.Lower than electric heating without solar supplementation, due to the lower cost of gas.
EfficiencyHigh efficiency in converting electricity to heat; efficiency gains when using renewable energy sources.Efficient in terms of heat output but inherently less efficient in energy use compared to electric heating.
Environmental ImpactReduced carbon footprint when powered by renewable energy sources, including solar.Higher emissions from burning natural gas, impacting carbon footprint.
MaintenanceLower maintenance needs due to fewer moving parts and no combustion process.Requires regular maintenance for safety and efficiency, including system checks and venting.
InstallationInstallation complexity and costs can vary; simpler in properties already equipped with an electrical infrastructure.Requires access to gas lines, potentially complicating installation in areas without existing infrastructure.
LifespanTypically longer lifespan due to less mechanical wear.May have a shorter lifespan due to the mechanical wear and tear from combustion processes.
Heating QualityConsistent and easily controlled heating, but effectiveness can vary based on the electricity source's reliability.Known for quick and efficient heating, often providing a type of warmth considered more comfortable.
SafetyGenerally considered safer due to the absence of combustion-related risks.Risks associated with gas leaks and carbon monoxide, necessitating safety measures like detectors.

We’re Here to Guide You

After considering the information above, remember that the decision doesn’t have to be made alone. Australian Climate Systems is here to provide further clarity and guidance. We’ll help you:

  • Analyze Your Needs: Tailoring our advice to fit the unique requirements of your home.
  • Understand the Details: Helping you navigate through the specifics of each heating system.
  • Make an Informed Decision: With our expertise, we’ll find the heating solution that best matches your preferences, budget, and lifestyle.
  • Contact Australian Climate Systems for a detailed consultation. Together, we’ll determine the most suitable heating system for your home, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction for years to come.


LG Premium Split System 2.5KW Supplied & Installed

Model #: WH09SK-18

RRP $2199

Parts & Labour Warranty


Inverter Compressor Warranty

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Daikin 2.5KW Supplied & Installed

Model #: Daikin FTXF25

RRP $2299
5 Years

Parts & Labour Warranty

6 Years

Workmanship Guarantee

Daikin 2.5kw
Daikin Split System 7.1KW Supplied & Installed

Model #: Daikin FTXF71

RRP $3599
5 Years

Parts & Labour Warranty

6 Years

Workmanship Guarantee

New Daikin Split System 7.1kw

Ducted Heating Hawthorn

With over 25 years of experience, Australian Climate Systems are the go-to team for all things ducted heating in Hawthorn. We supply top-of-the-line systems from leading industry brands, and provide seamless on-site installations for an affordable price.

After an assessment of your property, we can recommend a system that perfectly suits your budget, spatial requirements and climate needs.

Get in touch with us for a free quote today!

Trustworthy Ducted Heating Experts in Hawthorn: Installation, Service & Repair Specialists

Need help with ducted heating in Hawthorn? Australian Climate Systems has proudly served the local community for two decades and counting. We understand your climate needs and offer top-notch, energy-efficient ducted heating solutions for your home. Further, with a range of options available, we proudly cater to various budget requirements.

Whether it’s a new installation or upgrading an existing system, our knowledgeable team will implement the best solution to match your specific requirements. But our services don’t just end there. No task is too daunting for us, whether it’s a minor glitch or a major repair; our dedicated team are here to keep your Hawthorn home warm and comfortable.

Gas Heating and Space Heating Solutions in Hawthorn

In addition to ducted heating, our core expertise lies in providing Hawthorn residents with efficient gas heating solutions. Known for their excellent energy efficiency and enhanced heating capability, our gas heating systems promise to keep your Hawthorn home warm even in the coldest months. We invest heavily in the maintenance, repair, and installation of gas heating systems, ensuring your home stays cosy throughout the winter.

Are you looking for another efficient, cost-effective heating solution? Look no further than our space heaters. Designed to heat your living area quickly and efficiently, our space heaters are a great way to combat Hawthorn’s chilly winters. We not only help you find a suitable model but also assist in its installation, ensuring its proper function.

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Local Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling Specialists in Hawthorn

At Australian Climate Systems, we offer a fantastic range of reverse cycle heating and cooling solutions to Hawthorn locals. Whether you’re a homeowner, corporate office or restaurant, we can supply the perfect unit to match your needs.

Sourced from the best brands on the market, our reverse cycle options are efficient, effective and incredibly versatile. If you’re keen to learn more, get on the line and speak to an Australian Climate expert!

Why Choose Australian Climate Systems for Ducted Heating in Hawthorn?

Choosing Australian Climate Systems offers you countless benefits:

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Locally owned and operated in Chirnside Park
  • Premium installation, service, and repair works
  • Access to high-quality brands like Brivis, Haier, Daikin, Bonaire, and Braemar
  • Coverage by all relevant industry insurances
  • A team recognised by uniform and sign-written vehicles
  • Stellar customer service and quality control

Need professional advice or services for your ducted heating system? Looking for a cost-effective yet efficient heating solution for your Hawthorn home? Give Australian Climate Systems a call at 03 9726 4444 or reach us online. Enjoy a warm and comfortable Hawthorn home, managed by us.

Frequently Asked Questions for Ducted Heating in Hawthorn

What services do Australian Climate Systems offer about ducted heating in Hawthorn?

Australian Climate Systems offer comprehensive ducted heating services in Hawthorn that includes efficient installation, maintenance, and repair works, all tailored to meet your specific requirements and available budgets.

Are Australian Climate Systems also experts in gas heater and space heater solutions in Hawthorn?

Yes, in addition to providing reliable ducted heating solutions in Hawthorn, Australian Climate Systems also specialise in offering efficient gas heating and space heating solutions designed to keep your home warm throughout the colder months.

How experienced is Australian Climate Systems in providing ducted heating solutions in Hawthorn?

Boasting over 25 years of experience in the industry, Australian Climate Systems is highly experienced and locally operated, providing superior ducted heating services to homeowners and businesses throughout Hawthorn and its surrounding areas.

How can I maintain my ducted heating system for optimal efficiency in Hawthorn?

To maintain your ducted heating system in Hawthorn, you should regularly check and clean your system filter, ensure your vents and ducts are clear from blockages, and schedule regular professional maintenance with trusted providers like Australian Climate Systems.

Does Australian Climate Systems also offer reverse cycle heating and cooling in Hawthorn?

Yes. Although the content focuses on ducted heating, Australian Climate Systems also provides efficient reverse cycle heating and cooling solutions. Just as with their heating services, they promise high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair works for all your Hawthorn home or business cooling needs.

Heating Solutions That Hawthorn Residents Can Rely On: From Ducted Heating to Gas Log Fires

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We supply & install superior brands such as Brivis, Braemar, Bonaire, Daikin & ActronAir.

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Australian Climate Systems recommends servicing your system every 2-3 years.

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Warranty Repairs

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“Great service. Had the quote done quickly and proffesionally and the install was a breeze. We have a warm house again!!”

- Mark J Simonis
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“I found Australian Climate Systems to be Prompt, Professional and Helpfull throughout the entire process.”

- Enzo Nichol
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“Obtaining a quote was easy, the staff were friendly and helpful and the price of the changeover system was great.”

- K Coutinho
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“I had a few people coming from different companies to quote on the replacement of my mum's existing ducted heating system. I must say that Australian Climate systems sales who came to us was the most knowledgeable and he strongly recommended that we have the air return grille changed as per standard which the previous sales who came to my mum's premise didn't mention at all. Their installation worker came on schedule and worked with high efficiency. Satisfied customer.”

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Has your heater or air conditioner broken down, stopped working or become too expensive to run and maintain? Australian Climate Systems offers quick onsite servicing by one of our qualified technicians. Get a free quote on the supply and installation of new heating and cooling systems!

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