Evaporative vs Refrigerated Cooling System: Which One Is For You?

August 23rd, 2017
Evaporative Vs Refrigerated Cooling System Which One Is For You

Evaporative and refrigerated cooling systems are both powerful air-conditioners. These air-conditioners are central systems that evenly set the temperature of your home or business for maximum comfort.

However, they both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking at getting a central cooling system for you place learn more about how these two efficient systems can benefit your home or workspace:

Evaporative Cooling Benefits

Fresh, clean air

One of the main advantages of an evaporative cooling system is that it provides fresh, clean air. An evaporative unit circulates outside air and filters out all harmful dust particles and allergens. With an evap cooler your home becomes hygienic and a safe environment for those who suffer from airborne allergies.

Energy efficient

An evaporative cooling system only needs electricity for its fan and water pump. Therefore the air-conditioning unit uses significantly less power than most cooling systems. This means you’re able to cool your home at a cheaper cost.


Another benefit of an evap cooling’s energy efficient system is that it’s better for the environment. An evaporative unit emits less carbon dioxide and uses a more natural process to keep your home cool. Therefore you’re able to keep your home comfortable without leaving a big carbon footprint.

Things to consider with an evaporative system:

Performance depends on outdoor weather

Because an evap cooling system relies on outside air, the weather conditions will have some effect on its performance. Evaporative units are not ideal for humid areas and can be influenced by rainy periods. They are best suited for cooling in dry heat. Luckily, summers in Melbourne are often more dry than sticky, so evap systems are still a viable cooling option.

Needs routine cleaning

For an evaporative system to work at its full potential, it needs to be cleaned consistently. The evap air-conditioner needs its internals like wet pads, blades, nozzles and screens maintained to avoid mould and bacteria. And the salt and mineral deposits must also be removed. All air-conditioners need to be properly taken care of, the only difference with evap coolers is that it requires a little more TLC than most air-conditioners.

Relies on water

An evaporative cooling system needs to be connected to a constant water source to work. While most homes do have reliable water systems, it’s understandable that not everyone will be able to provide an evap cooling unit with the right amount of water.

Refrigerated Cooling Benefits

Cooling in all weather conditions

A refrigerated cooling system will keep your home or office comfortable in all climates. Melbourne is well known for extreme, unpredictable weather conditions. Whether it’s dry or humid, rain or shine, a refrigerated unit’s performance will not be altered and will continually keep your space cool.

Ultimate temperature control

Refrigerated air-conditioners come with a zoning feature that allows you to assign different temperatures in your home or office. Because you get to select which areas you want to keep cool, you save energy and let everyone enjoy comfort their way.

Year round comfort

With a ducted refrigerated system, you’re also given the option to heat your home with the same unit. A refrigerated cooling system can have a reverse cycle where it circulates warm rather than cool air. Have year round comfort with the versatile technology of a refrigerated cooling system.

Things to consider with a refrigerated system:

Costs more to run

A robust system like a refrigerated cooler needs sufficient electricity to function. This means it can cost more than some air-conditioners. However, there are ways to help cut down costs like zoning and using solar power to maintain your energy bill while using a refrigerated system.

Noisy operating system

While a refrigerated system works quietly indoors, the outdoor unit can produce loud noises. If placed in an inappropriate spot the refrigerated cooling’s outdoor unit may annoy neighbours or people with windows are nearby. With proper placement, a refrigerated system’s external unit will be able to carry out its job without causing too many noise grievances.

Closed operations

To keep your home cool with a refrigerated system, you need to keep all windows and doors closed. If you were after a more refreshing method of keeping cool during Summer a refrigerated system’s closed-off process might feel off-putting.

Should you get an evaporative or refrigerated cooling system?

For those who are more eco and allergen-conscious, opt for an evaporative system. It’s a healthy way to keep cool, as long as your area doesn’t have too many humid or rainy days.

If you were after a versatile system that can keep you comfortable in all climate conditions get your home or office a refrigerated cooling unit. Despite the extra costs a refrigerated system gives you complete temperature control.

Either way both an evaporative and refrigerated cooling system will be able to get you through Melbourne’s harsh Summers.

Know which cooling system you’re going to get? Or still unsure of what will work best for your place? Contact us at Australian Climate Systems. Our experts in climate control will be able to get you the best system for your place, so you stay cool this Summer.

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