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COOLING AND HEATING IN CAULFIELDGet through those chilly Winter nights and steamy Summer days with one of our reliable climate systems. Whether you’re after a way to stay cool or warm Australian Climate systems will get you the perfect unit for your home or office. Our variety of cooling and heating systems come in many shapes and sizes to suit any room or budget.

We guarantee quality service at Australian Climate Systems. Our locally owned business has been operating for over 20 years. Australian Climate Systems proudly Melbourne company works with many suburbs including Caulfield. Our climate system services come with a 6 Year Workmanship Guarantee. A Certificate of Compliance also accompanies every finished job.

Each of our services is tailored to suit your needs. We don’t treat any space the same. Your room or building will be assessed by our professional staff to so you get the right cooling or heating system. Our staff will also be available throughout the whole process via phone or email should you have any questions or inquiries.

Climate System Solutions For Your Home Or Office.

Cooling Systems

Summer days can be unbearable. Melbourne is known for its dry heat spells that can get very uncomfortable without proper air conditioning. We have many cooling options to choose from so you can enjoy the hot weather. Have your pick of central cooling like evaporative or refrigerated systems, hi-wall and multi split systems, as well as add-on cooling. With the vast range of cooling solutions, you’ll be able to get the perfect system for your home or office.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evaporative cooling combines affordability with comfort. The central ducted cooling solution is both energy efficient and suits those with airborne allergies. Hay fever and asthma sufferers can benefit from evap cooling as it always cycles air, so unwanted dust particles don’t linger.

Hi-Wall Split Systems

Have control and style with a hi-wall split system. Split systems are compact units that are installed inside your home while an external unit does all the work. Hi-Wall split systems are a prevalent cooling solution that’s easy to use. Australian Climate Systems work with reliable brands like ActronAir, Daikin and Panasonic, so you get the highest quality air-conditioner.

Multi Split System

A single multi split unit can power up to 5 separate machines. Multi split systems are an affordable way to keep everyone in the office or home cool during Summer. With multiple systems running through the household or workspace you can set different temperatures. Or have only certain systems running so you can optimise comfort while cutting unnecessary costs.

Ducted Refrigerated Systems

Refrigerated systems are another form of central cooling that offers great control. Central cooling means you can set the desired temperature for an entire building rather than single rooms. Ducted refrigerated systems take the hassle out of climate control at home or office. Refrigerated systems allow you to zone out individual rooms, so they have different temperatures or no cooling at all.

Add-on Cooling

Owners of gas ducted heaters don’t have to miss out on a cooling option for those hot days. Add-on cooling is a simple system that uses your current ducts to give you refrigerated air-conditioning. Stay comfortable no matter what the weather with an add-on cooling system.

Heating Systems

Australian Climate Systems will get you through Winter’s harsh conditions. You’ll get to choose from gas, electric and water based cooling systems. For indoor warmth, we have ducted central heating, gas log fires, space heaters, hydronic systems and electric panels. We also have heat strips for outdoor heating. No matter where you are, stay warm with one of our climate systems.

Gas Ducted Central Heating Services

A gas ducted central heater is a robust system. It instantly warms up the building, so you’re not left in the cold for long. The reliable ducted heating system keeps the same level of warmth, regardless of changes in outside temperature.

Gas Log Fire

Add a romantic flair to your home while keeping warm with a gas log fire systems. A gas log fire systems are either in built or stand alone and gives off a natural warmth that imitates the rustic feel of fireplaces. Our gas log fire units are all custom made to suit the interior design of your room.

Gas Space Heating

Space heaters provide any room with comfort. Gas space heaters are stand alone units that come in different sizes, so they always fit. Unlike electric-powered systems, a gas space heater will able to provide your home with warmth while being energy efficient. One of our trusted brands of gas space heaters is Braemar. Their range includes systems with a 4.8 energy star rating, so you stay cosy and save money during Winter.

Hydronic Heating

More and more people are moving forward with the latest technology and using hydronic heaters. Unlike gas or electric heaters, hydronic systems use boiled water to warm up a room. Instead of circulating air, hydronic systems have slim panels or slabs that keep the warmth in the room. They operate silently and are safe to touch for those who are accident prone.

Outdoor Heating

The outdoors is typically the last place people want to be during chilly Winter days. That’s because the warmth is usually indoors. With outdoor heating units, you’ll be able to stay warm without being stuck inside. For personal use, our heat strips are ideal for patios or balconies. While business’ with smoking areas, alfresco dining or sidewalk cafes will be able to keep their customers cosy.

Electric Panel Heating

Electric panels are a great heating solution for those with small spaces. Its compact design can be portable and easily fixed to an office or bedroom wall. Because of its size, it doesn’t take up too much space in the room. These units are also low maintenance and energy efficient.

Our Friendly Team Will Help You Find The Perfect Climate System.

Don’t go another day without a proper air-conditioning unit. At Australian Climate Systems, we’re happy to help. Get in touch with one of our consultants so you can get your new cooling or heating system up and running. If your current system needs to be repaired our expert tradesmen will fix it.

Our business hours are 9 am to 5 pm, and we are open Monday to Friday. Call or email us to get your custom climate system solution. Phone us on (03) 9726 4444 or email us at sales@austclimate.com.au .

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