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COOLING AND HEATING IN VERMONTIt’s a tough decision to make deciding the perfect climate system for your home or business. Melbourne has an unpredictable seasons and can experience all sorts of climates on a daily basis. With heating and cooling making up a majority of energy costs having the correct climate system is crucial. At Australian Climate Systems, we help Vermont locals find the right air-conditioning unit for their household or work space.

For over 20 years Australian Climate Services have been working with Melbourne suburbs like Vermont. Our locally owned business is made up of climate systems experts that are qualified to assist you in choosing, installing and maintaining a cooling or heating unit. From split systems, refrigerated air-conditioners to ducted central heating and outdoor heat strips, all spaces are catered for so you’re comfortable no matter where you are or what the season is.

Our customised service measures your space so it can be fitted with the appropriate climate system. We give you a 6 Year Workmanship Guarantee and a Certification of Compliance at the end of each service.

Wide Range Of Cooling And Heating Systems

Cooling Systems

A cooling system is essential for Melbourne Summers. They are often dry and uncomfortable, and fans aren’t enough to get you through the heat. Australian Climate Systems have a wide range of air-conditioners to help you combat Summer. Choose from central cooling systems like ducted evaporative systems, hi-wall and multi split systems and add-on cooling.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

For an eco-friendly and reliable ducted cooling solution get an evaporative system for your home or office. Evap cooling works by refreshing the air after each cycle, so it gives off a natural coolness in open areas. Because of its constant cycling, evap cooling systems are great for asthma and hay fever sufferers as harmful dust particles are always filtered out.

Hi-Wall Split Systems

Get convenience and style with a hi-wall split systems. Hi-wall split systems are a well known cooling solution that’s a typical fixture in households. That’s because they are easy to use and have a compact unit for indoor use that can be placed anywhere on the wall to suit the layout of any room or office.

Multi Split System

What makes multi split systems stand out from other air-conditioners is that the single unit can provide cooling for up to 5 different systems. It also suits homes or offices with limited outdoor area as an individual outdoor unit takes up little space. Keep everyone cool this Summer a powerful multi split system.

Ducted Refrigerated Systems

Central cooling is a great solution for those who don’t want multiple units in their home or office. Since you’re able to set the temperature through a single machine, you’re not left with the hassle of adjusting each air-conditioner in multiple rooms. A ducted refrigerated system gives control to set different temperatures for each room, so you have varied comfort throughout the home or office.

Add-on Cooling

Add-on systems are the ideal cooling solution for those who already have a ducted gas heater. Add-on cooling adds flexibility to your current gas ducted heater. By using the same inbuilt system, you’re able to get refrigerated air-conditioning.

Heating Systems

You can’t get through Melbourne’s severe winters without a decent heating system. Stay cosy this Winter with one of our trustworthy heating services. Fit your home or office with a heating unit from our vast selection of gas, electric and water-based heaters.

Gas Ducted Central Heating Services

Central heating works the same as central cooling. Gas ducted heating allows you full access to your home’s set temperature. But unlike electric-powered heaters, central gas heating is also an energy efficient way to stay warm. Therefore you’re able to get through Winter while saving money on heating costs.

Gas Log Fire

Want the rustic feel and warmth of a fireplace but don’t want the hassle of wood-fueled heating? A gas log fire is a great compromise of style and warmth. The romantic aesthetic of a gas log fire is a great way to warm up any room in your household or office. They are either in built or externally fixed to suit the interior design of a room.

Gas Space Heating

After a standalone heater that fit into any room? A gas space heater is a versatile heating solution. The systems are available in different sizes so it can suit any room in the home or office. Since gas is a cheaper alternative to electric power, you’ll be able to keep cosy at home or work while saving money.

Hydronic Heating

Water based heating is a modern solution to those cold Winter nights. Hydronic heaters use the latest thermostat technology through its panel or slab. Instead of relying solely on gas or electricity, a hydronic heater boils water in its unit to keep the warmth in a room. It’s an eco and allergen-friendly solution for those after the latest technology in heating.

Outdoor Heating

Heaters aren’t just for indoor use. A variety of areas can benefit from outdoor heating. Australian Climate Systems install heat strips to outdoor ceilings so you can stay warm outside. Have a heat strip for your home or office. You can stay cosy on your patio or balcony. You can also have a heat strip for business areas like alfresco dining, sidewalk cafes and smoking areas.

Electric Panel Heating

After a heating solution for a small office space or bedroom. Don’t let your heater get in the way. An electric panel heater is a compact way to heat up a room that lacks space. The slim electric panels are either portable or fixed onto the wall. They are also low maintenance and cost effective due to their small size.

Expert Climate Systems Services Available For Vermont.

Our tailored climate system services ensure Vermont with quality cooling and heating systems. Whether you’re are a new unit or looking to repair an old one, Australian Climate Systems will be able to help you.

Contacting us for a service is easy. We are open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
Call us on (03) 9726 4444 or email us at sales@austclimate.com.au .

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