Rinnai Air Conditioner Reviews: Why Choose Rinnai Systems?

December 23rd, 2022
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If you’re considering buying a new air conditioning system in Melbourne, you’ve probably considered Rinnai. The Rinnai brand has been in Australia for more than half a century, and as well as hot water systems, Rinnai is known for producing heating and cooling systems.

In this article, we’re going to outline why you may want to consider a Rinnai air conditioner or heating system for your home. From smart features to eco-friendly design to local manufacturing, there are many reasons why Australians choose Rinnai.

Read on to find out more and see if Rinnai is right for you.

What Are the Main Factors That People Consider When Shopping for Heating and Cooling Systems?

Before we learn all about Rinnai systems, it’s useful to have a few criteria to judge them against. Generally speaking, when people shop for air conditioning systems, they are looking for the following things:

    • Affordability: A HVAC system needs to match your budget, not just in terms of initial outlay and installation costs but also running costs. You want your new heater or cooler to be cost-effective to run.
    • Energy consumption/Eco-Friendly design: An energy-efficient system maximises the amount of heating or cooling it produces and minimises the amount of gas or electricity consumed. This not only lowers your power bills but reduces your carbon footprint, resulting in a more environmentally friendly system.
    • Heating capacity and cooling capacity: A new air conditioning system needs to be able to heat or cool your home effectively. You want to partner with a brand that offers a variety of space and central temperature control options in a range of sizes and different capacities, from 2.5kWh systems to 7kWh and higher systems!
      • Suitability: Air conditioners need to meet the space and layout requirements of your property. For example, some homes will benefit from a ducted system while others will require a wall-mounted solution.
      • Maintenance and Longevity: You shouldn’t have to think too much about taking care of your heater or cooler. In residential homes, all you should need is a bit of servicing every 2-3 years. Homeowners want a system that they don’t need to replace for a decade or more.
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      Why Choose Rinnai for Your Residential Air Conditioning?

      With the above criteria in mind, let’s take an overall look at why you might choose Rinnai:

        • When it comes to affordability, Rinnai offers systems at a range of price points. Of course, the price you pay will depend on the system you select. Rinnai’s split systems will often cost you less than $2000 while their most advanced reverse cycle ducted system can cost you over $10,000. As a quality brand with local manufacturing in Victoria and South Australia, Rinnai systems are not typically considered “budget” systems but nor are they right at the top end of the market.
          • Rinnai systems are known for being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, with features such as smart inverters, the most eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, Demand Response capability (DRED), and systems with up to a 5-star energy efficiency rating.
              • With so many types of systems available, Rinnai is sure to have a suitable option for most homes. Rinnai units include split systems, ducted refrigerated and reverse cycle units, evaporative coolers, and more, which we will explore in the next section.
                • Rinnai units are known for their durability, and with proper care, you can expect your new heating and cooling system to last for many years.

                The Residential Heating and Cooling Options Available from Rinnai

                Rinnai offers solutions for everything from small bedrooms to large living rooms to whole-home heating and cooling. Here are some of the most popular Rinnai air conditioning products.

                Rinnai Split Systems

                Split system air conditioners are Australia’s most popular form of space heating and cooling. You install an indoor unit on one side of a wall and an outdoor unit on the exterior of your property and you can enjoy heating and cooling that’s designed for a single room.

                Rinnai offers a range of reverse cycle split systems in Melbourne for year-round comfort. These units can keep you cool in temperatures up to 52°C and provide heating at -15°C, which is unprecedented in Melbourne! Generally speaking, you can expect your Rinnai split system to feature inverter technology, quality components, and optimised air distribution for rooms of all sizes.

                Rinnai Split Systems include the C Series, D Series, G Series, J Series, and Q Series, as well as Inverter Cassette models that replace the indoor unit with a recessed ceiling cassette. Starting at 2.5kW, these systems reach up to 8.0kW depending on the model, or 13.4kW for cassette systems.

                Rinnai Split Systems may also include programmable timers, self-cleaning functionality, and Wi-Fi control. Whether you’re looking for split systems in Box Hill or split air conditioning in Dandenong, Rinnai is undoubtedly a great choice.

                Rinnai Ducted Systems

                Ducted air conditioning is a great way to heat and cool every room in the home simultaneously. Ducted installations involve installing an outdoor unit and placing a series of ducts below the floor or in the ceiling cavity. Inside your home, a ducted system is almost invisible except for the sleek ducts/outlets on the ceiling or floor and a wall-mounted controller.

                Rinnai offers a range of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, which offer incredibly energy-efficient and cost-effective heat pump heating and cooling. You can even add zoning options to Rinnai ducted systems to divide the home into zones and offer individual comfort in every area.

                Other features of these systems include 3D DC inverter compressors, which are quiet and efficient, as well as great product warranties.

                You can get the Reverse Cycle range, with options from 7.1kW to 16.7kW, as well as the 20kW Reverse Cycle range, the 24kW Reverse Cycle Range, and the Geoflo range.

                To learn more about your options for ducted air conditioning in Templestowe and across Melbourne, ask Australian Climate Systems to pair you with the right system.

                Rinnai Multi-Head Systems

                A multi-head air conditioning set-up is when you have multiple indoor split system units powered by a single outdoor unit. Rinnai’s multi-head wall-mounted split systems range from 2.5kW up to 8.0kW depending on the system that you select.

                Some of the features you can enjoy when you choose Rinnai’s Multi Wall Mounted range include Super Fine Filters, convenient Wi-Fi Controls, as well as heating and cooling in a single unit!

                You can learn more about multi-head split system air conditioners here.

                As well as wall-mounted units, Rinnai also offers Multi Slim Ducted systems. With these systems, the indoor unit is recessed inside a ceiling cavity or bulkhead, showing only slim ducts inside the home. These systems include features like DC inverters and timers, but no Wi-Fi capability.

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                Rinnai Evaporative Systems

                There’s a reason why so many households choose evaporative cooling in Melbourne. Evaporative air conditioners offer natural, fresh cooling that’s powered by water and the process of evaporation. These systems are incredibly environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With low power consumption, they offer minimal energy costs and the lowest carbon footprint of any system.

                Evaporative cooling is not as effective in high humidity, which is why it isn’t really used by our northern neighbours in Queensland and other highly humid climates. However, here in Melbourne, evaporative coolers get the job done most days of the year.

                Rinnai-branded evaporative cooling systems are known as the Evap Cooling Series, and they’re actually only available in Western Australia and South Australia. However, Brivis is a Rinnai brand, and in other parts of the country – such as here in Melbourne – you can buy evaporative coolers under the Brivis name.

                Rinnai’s Brivis evaporative coolers come in a range of colours, designs and profiles and feature water-saving management systems, self-cleaning water pumps, efficient cooling pads, and mechanical seals to prevent drafts from entering the home during winter when the system is not in use.

                For evaporative cooling in Ringwood and across Melbourne, ask our team about the Brivis range today.

                Other Products in the Rinnai Heating and Cooling Range

                  • Remotes: Remote controls and programmable controllers come as standard with many Rinnai systems, and replacement controls are also available. The Rinnai Touch™ Wi-Fi, Rinnai Touch, and The Networker and some of the user-friendly remote controls that may be available with your system.
                      • Portable Air Conditioners: These portable cooling products can be moved in between rooms and come with features including washable filters, water alarms, and timers. A portable air conditioner is not recommended as a permanent solution.
                        • Commercial Heating and Cooling: The Rinnai range is generally not the go-to option for commercial heating and cooling solutions, but their ducted and split ranges can be used for light commercial applications, such as air conditioning in shopfronts or small-to-medium-sized offices.

                        Rinnai Frequently Asked Questions

                        Where Are Rinnai Air Conditioners Manufactured?

                        Rinnai Japan Corporation is headquartered in Nagoya, the capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. However, Rinnai has local manufacturing plants in locations around the world. Many of the products supplied by Rinnai Australia are manufactured partly or wholly in Rinnai’s three Australian manufacturing plants – two in Victoria and one in South Australia.

                        How Many Years Has Rinnai Been Operating?

                        Founded in 1920 in Nagoya, Japan, engineers Kanekichi Hayashi and Hidejiro Naito first conceived of Rinnai more than 100 years ago!

                        Rinnai Australia was established in 1971, meaning Australians have been enjoying Rinnai products for more than 50 years!

                        Is Rinnai a Trustworthy Brand for Heating and Cooling?

                        While Rinnai first made its name in Australia supplying water heaters, you can rely on the heating and cooling range available from the brand. From Rinnai ducted reverse cycle air conditioning to split systems and evaporative coolers (available through Brivis in Victoria), this brand offers options for every household at a variety of price points. 

                        Rinnai balances heating and cooling capacity with energy efficiency and intelligent features. So, if you’re wondering if Rinnai is worth the money or if it is a good brand, we can happily tell you that Rinnai is an option worth considering for your heating and cooling needs.

                        How Long will a Rinnai Air Conditioning System Last?

                        The Rinnai range is made with durability and longevity in mind, and you can expect your air conditioner to last 10 years or more. Of course, the lifespan of your system will also come down to how you use it and the type of system you choose. For example, if treated correctly, a ducted cooling unit will last longer on average than a split system. Regular servicing and repair are also important to extend the life of your Rinnai system beyond 10 years. You can turn to Australian Climate Systems for Rinnai air conditioner repair and services in Melbourne.

                        Should I Choose Rinnai Air Conditioning with Wi-Fi Controls?

                        Many of Rinnai’s heating and cooling systems feature optional Wi-Fi Control via a mobile app. This will allow you to control your Rinnai air conditioning from wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection. You can turn your air conditioner on before you leave the office or switch it off remotely if you forget to do so before leaving home. Wi-Fi compatibility offers not just convenience but also increased comfort and opportunities for added control and energy saving. It’s well worth considering Wi-Fi-enabled systems when shopping for your next air conditioner.

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                        What Is the Best Air Conditioning Brand?

                        Rinnai is certainly a contender when it comes to the best air conditioning brand for your home. Other quality air conditioner brands include LG and Panasonic.

                        Daikin is often considered the number one air conditioning brand both by consumers and expert heating and cooling technicians.

                        Many people ask if Rinnai is a better brand than LG, if Daikin is better than Panasonic or if Brand X is better than Brand Y. Ultimately, finding the best air conditioning brand and the perfect solution for you will come down to your needs, your budget, the features of your property, and the other factors discussed at the top of this article. An expert in heating and cooling can help you find the best option for your needs.

                        Get Your New Rinnai Air Conditioning System in Melbourne

                        Australian Climate System offers supply and installation, maintenance services, and repairs for your Rinnai air conditioner. We can provide unbiased advice on whether a Rinnai system is right for you and care for your new system in the long haul.
                        If this article has got you thinking about your heating and cooling needs, view our Rinnai and Brivis specials or get in touch with our team for advice and services.

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