Why Is Daikin Considered the Number One Air Conditioning Brand?

October 31st, 2022
Cool air flowing from a split system, with the Daikin logo interposed

Daikin is a trusted name for air conditioning in Melbourne, across Australia, and around the world!

In fact, one of Daikin’s many claims to fame is that they are the number one air conditioning brand globally.

But why is Daikin considered the best? Is this just good marketing, or are there quality products to back up the claim?

In this article, we’re going to find out.

We’ve put together 10 reasons why people choose Daikin to see if the claims stack up and help you decide if a Daikin system is also right for you.

Let’s get started.

10 Reasons to Choose Daikin Air Conditioners

1. Daikin Offers Unbeatable Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, you’ll know that running costs, energy use, and eco-friendly design are three of the main factors that people consider.

All of these factors ultimately come down to one thing – how energy efficient is the air conditioner?

If you’re looking to save on your utility bills and lower your energy usage and carbon footprint, Daikin is certainly an industry contender!

In fact, Daikin has some of the best energy efficiency ratings of any brand on the market.

For example, if you’re interested in split systems in Melbourne, Daikin offers the US7, which is the first system of its kind to be awarded a 7-star “Super Efficiency” rating.

Beyond this, Daikin systems also offer the Econo Mode, which limits power consumption to lower your electricity bill and reduce demand on your circuit breaker.

It’s innovative features like these that make Daikin a market leader when it comes to energy efficiency.

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2. Personalised Air Conditioning with a Wide Range of Daikin Products

What type of air conditioning do you want at home?

Are you after central cooling or a space cooling option? Ducted or split?

If you opt for a Daikin System, you get access to a comprehensive range of air conditioning products to suit your needs.

The residential range available from Daikin includes:

    • Split Systems: Heat or cool a single room with a Daikin reverse cycle split system. An indoor unit sits high on the wall or ceiling and is attached to an outdoor unit that sits on the exterior wall. Installation is easy, with no ductwork required.
    • Multi-Split Systems: Get all the benefits of a split system except with multiple indoor units all powered by one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can be powered separately for flexible air conditioning in multiple rooms of the home.
    • Ducted Systems: Daikin offers central cooling for the whole home with a ducted unit. Ductwork is typically installed in the ceiling with multiple outlets pushing air around your home. Choose refrigerated air conditioning or ducted reverse cycle for both heating and cooling!

    As you can see, whether you’re looking for ducted air conditioning in Mooroolbark or split system air conditioning in Ringwood, Daikin systems have you covered.

    3. Daikin Air Conditioners Offer In-Built Reliability

    It’s good to know that services and repairs are available for your air conditioner, but ideally, you want a system that can take care of itself.

    Daikin can’t offer you a zero maintenance system, but they can offer you a famously reliable air conditioner that is designed to require minimal care.

    For example, many Daikin air conditioning systems come with a self-diagnosis feature that can identify issues and help you troubleshoot a solution. Even if you can’t solve the problem on your own, the self-diagnosis feature will make for quick and easy professional repairs.

    Certain Daikin systems also offer automatic self-cleaning features. Your air-con is going to collect dust and other contaminants over time, so it’s good to know that the system can clean some of these particulates out on its own.

    Of course, we still recommend professional cleaning and servicing every 2-3 years to keep your system at its best.

    4. An Air Conditioning Solution That’s Approved by the Asthma Council!

    Australia is one of the world’s most notorious locations for asthma and allergies, and Melbourne is right at the heart of the problem.

    For many people, air conditioning seems to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, partly because air conditioners can pick up and circulate dust and other airborne particulates.

    If you or someone you know has this problem, a Daikin air conditioner might be the solution.

    Daikin’s split system air conditioning units are approved under the Sensitive Choice Program. This program is run by the National Asthma Council Australia and is designed to identify suitable products for individuals with allergies and asthma. Approved products can be identified by looking for the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly symbol.

    Offering advanced air purification and air filtration technology, Daikin split system air conditioners are a great choice for anyone with sensitivities and offer a new way to beat air conditioning sickness.

    5. Whisper Quiet Air Conditioners for a Good Night’s Sleep

    Air conditioners are meant to offer comfort, but there’s nothing comfortable about a noisy hum that just doesn’t go away!

    Luckily, modern air conditioning systems are much quieter than their predecessors, and Daikin leads the way in this area.

    Some Daikin air conditioners are so quiet that you’ll forget you’ve got them running!

    Here are some of the features that make Daikin ACs quieter than the competition:

    • Innovative fan blades: Designed specially to deliver more air in a quieter fashion
    • Quiet motors: Efficient and compact motors reduce noise during operation
    • Various modes: For example, you can switch the system to Quiet Mode for even less noise!

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    6. Daikin’s Intelligent Features Offer More Effective Cooling

    Daikin has added a range of technologies and intelligent features to its air conditioners to provide even better climate control. And at the end of the day, that’s exactly what you want from an air conditioning system!

    One of the intelligent features you can get in your Daikin System is Coanda Airflow Technology. This technology is integrated into indoor split system units. It provides more rapid cooling and even temperature distribution. This is achieved by sending air along the ceiling and creating a circulatory motion that quickly and evenly cools the room.

    Another impressive feature of Daikin systems is the Intelligent Eye Sensor. This sensor knows when the room is occupied or unoccupied, and it can switch the cooling on or off to save energy and reduce your power bills. The Intelligent Eye Sensor can also ensure air isn’t blowing directly on your face, providing superior comfort.

    It’s features like these that elevate Daikin above other brands in the eyes of consumers and industry professionals.

    7. Connect from Anywhere with Smartphone Control!

    Many modern Daikin air conditioners now offer smartphone control, which provides convenience at your fingertips.

    Depending on your model, you may be able to control your AC using your phone:

    • when you’re in range of the system
    • when you’re connected to a local Wi-Fi network; or
    • from practically anywhere that you have an internet connection.

    Features like these are more than just convenient or gimmicky. If you can control your air conditioner from anywhere, you can program it to turn on before you get home, providing optimal comfort on an especially hot or cold day.

    You can also adjust the temperature without having to leave your seat, or check to make sure you switched the system off when you rush out of the house.

    It’s about convenience, comfort, complete control, money and energy savings, and peace of mind.

    If you want a system that offers all this and more at your fingertips, upgrading to a Daikin might be the best move for you.

    Ask our team about Daikin air conditioning in Doncaster, Camberwell, and beyond.

    8. Daikin Has More Than 90 Years of Experience and Innovation

    When discussing Daikin’s credentials as a world-leading brand, it’s worth mentioning the company’s years of experience.

    Daikin has been offering heating and cooling solutions in Australia for more than 50 years.

    On a global stage, the brand was founded in 1924 and has been around for almost 100 years at the time of writing!

    When you’ve been around for that long, you must be doing something right, and Daikin certainly is! For example, their $300 million investment in research and development has allowed them to produce innovative, effective, affordable, and increasingly eco-friendly air conditioning systems.

    If you want a trusted name that has been in the heating and cooling game for decades and decades, Daikin is an excellent choice.

    9. Daikin’s Experience Extends to Their Specialist Dealer Network

    Of course, Daikin itself won’t be installing or taking care of your new air conditioner, but they do leave the job to experts.

    Daikin’s Specialist Dealer Network is made up of approved heating and cooling technicians who know Daikin products inside and out.

    Australian Climate Systems is part of the Daikin Specialist Dealer Network. We can help you choose a Daikin air conditioner and take care of the installation.

    We are also with you for the long haul. Our after-sales support team offers Daikin air conditioning repair and Daikin air conditioning services and maintenance in Melbourne.

    It’s good to know that you’ve always got someone on your side to care for your heating and cooling. With Daikin’s Specialist Dealer Network and Australian Climate Systems, that’s exactly what you get!

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    10. The Peace of Mind of the Daikin Warranty

    Peace of mind is important when you make any purchase.

    When you buy a Daikin ducted air conditioner, split system, or multi-split system, you are covered by Daikin’s 5-year warranty for parts and labour.

    That’s just another reason why so many homeowners and businesses choose Daikin.

    Are You Interested in a Daikin Air Conditioner?

    It’s fair to say that Daikin lives up to its reputation as one of the best air conditioning brands, if not the very best!

    With more than 25 years of experience, the team at Australian Climate Systems can recommend and install the best Daikin system for your property.

    We’re approved Daikin dealers, but we also partner with many other major heating and cooling brands, meaning we can provide impartial advice on the right unit and the right brand for you.
    Check out our Daikin specials now or call us on 03 9726 4444 to arrange air conditioning services or installations for all major brands.

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