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The Place to Go for Heating and Cooling in Camberwell

Heating and Cooling in CamberwellChoosing the right cooling and heating solution can be difficult. With the vast amount of options, it’s hard finding the right climate system for your home or business. Our friendly staff at Australian Climate Systems makes the decision easy. We’ll assess your space so we can provide you with the best system to suit your needs.

Australian Climate Systems is a locally owned business. We have provided Melbourne suburbs such as Camberwell with high-quality services for more than 20 years. When it comes to heating and cooling in Camberwell, we guarantee quality services from our skilled staff. All our tradesmen are qualified to install your system and all work carried out is backed by a 6-year Workmanship Guarantee. We give a Certificate of Compliance with each installation by Part 12A of the Building Act 1993.

Once the job is complete, we will also send you a Customer Satisfaction Survey. We appreciate further feedback on our service. Australian Climate Systems friendly staff are also available via phone and email. Get in touch for any concerns during the whole process.

Repair, Service, and Installation for Heating and Cooling in Camberwell and Nearby

Cooling Systems for Homes and Offices in Camberwell and Nearby

Melbourne is known for its extreme heat spells. Combat the summer heat with one of our effective cooling systems. Choose from central cooling, ducted evaporative air conditioning, hi-wall split systems, multi split systems, refrigerated cooling systems, and add on cooling. Australian Climate Systems will find the right cooling solution for you, offering repair, service and installation in Camberwell and nearby

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evaporative air conditioning is a cost-effective and eco-friendly cooling option. The system suits homes with open spaces so it can circulate the air efficiently. Ducted cooling is also ideal for those who suffer from asthma and hay-fever. This is because evaporative cooling replaces old stale air with clean, fresh air each cycle, so it gets rid of unwanted dust particles.

Hi-Wall Split Systems

Hi-Wall Split Systems give you excellent control and comfort during the summer heat. We have a broad range of hi-wall split systems from big brands like ActronAir, Daikin and Panasonic, so you’re guaranteed the highest quality air conditioning.

Multi Split System

Multi split systems are perfect for homes where there is limited outdoor space. One unit can power up to five indoor systems. Having one external unit means you’ll have a system that runs quietly as well as giving you more outdoor space for other activities. Keep everyone in the household or office space cool during summer with a robust multi-split system.

Ducted Refrigerated Systems

Unlike other cooling systems that focus on specific rooms, a ducted refrigerated system adjusts the temperature of your whole home or office. This gives you the power to set your entire house to your desired temperature, as well as zoning out different areas for varied comfort. Some of the trusted brands of ducted refrigerated systems we install are Daikin, Actron, Brivis and Samsung.

Add-On Cooling

Already have a gas ducted heating system but want year-round comfort? Add-on cooling systems attach to your current gas heating system so you can also run a refrigerated air conditioning system alongside it. This provides a complete heating and cooling system in Camberwell! Add-on cooling is a great summer heat solution that provides cold, filtered and dehumidified air for your home without compromising your current ductwork.

Heating System Installation, Repair, and Service in Camberwell and Nearby

Winters in Melbourne are harsh and fickle. Stay warm with one of our heating systems. We have everything from ducted, hydronic, outdoor, electric panel and gas central heating. Our friendly staff will get you the perfect heating service for your home or office.

Gas Ducted Central Heating Services

Gas central heating is a reliable and comfortable heating solution during winter’s cool weather. Gas ducted heating gives off the feeling of natural warmth and maintains heat long after being turned off. Gas is also more cost-effective than electric heating. Stay warm this winter and save money along the way.

Gas Log Fire

Add a little romance to your room. Get cosy and set the mood with gas log fire heating. Gas log fires are a stylish heating solution. This heating solution warms the area in a sufficient manner. Australian Climate Systems’ range of gas log fires includes the Cannon range. These heating systems can be both inbuilt or freestanding to suit the interior design of your home.

Gas Space Heating

Gas space heaters represent an efficient heating system that fits any room in the home or office. We have a variety of gas space heaters at Australian Climate Systems. This includes the Braemar range. Their 4.8 energy star rating provides cost-effective and eco-friendly heating.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is a modern heating system for the home and office. Hydronic heating uses thermostat technology. The system recirculates hot water via panels or in-slab to keep out cold air. Hydronic heaters are allergy-friendly, silent, and safe to touch. The system boils water instead of circulating air, therefore, dust particles aren’t spread in the room. This also allows the heating system to run quietly so you can enjoy the warmth in silence.

Outdoor Heating

Stay warm outside with our range of outdoor heating. Australian Climate Systems have a variety of radiant heat strips to suit your home or business. Outdoor heating suits undercover spaces such as smoking areas, alfresco dining, patios, balconies, or sidewalk cafes.

Electric Panel Heating

Electric panel heating is a flexible heating solution that suits smaller areas. Panel heaters are easy to operate. They are lightweight and can be portable or permanent fixtures. Electric panel heaters are either attached to a wall or ceiling. Electric panel heaters are also cost-efficient and require little maintenance.

For Heating and Cooling in Camberwell and Nearby, Get in Touch Today

Australian Climate Systems is Camberwell’s most trusted provider of heating and cooling. We’ll help you with all your cooling, heating and repair needs, including installation and servicing. Our friendly staff will be able to help you determine the best solution for all your climate needs.

We are available Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Contacting us is easy. Call us today on (03) 9726 4444 or email us at sales@austclimate.com.au for all general inquiries and questions about our climate systems.

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